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  • Jay 10:44 am on 2011-01-18 Permalink | Reply  

    Mori Saki completes H!P Egg training 

    Mori SakiAnd here comes Egg #4 to complete their H!P egg training!

    It was announced on the Hello!Project fanclub page that H!P Egg Trainee Mori Saki has completed her training as H!P Egg.  Like Sengoku Minami, Mori will be staring in a stage play that will run from April 8th to 17th.  After that, there’s really no knowing what’s in store for Mori.  Here’s hoping  for new and exciting things for all the Eggs!

    Sadly, I don’t really follow the eggs and therefore, know very little about them.  It’s very nice to see all of their hard work paying off though.  Those girls sing and dance their butts off in the concerts and there’s a lot of unused talent in the Eggs that definitely deserves to shine.  It’s about time that some of these talented gals finally get their chance to prove what they’re worth.

    Congratulations Saki! :D

    That leaves a good question in the fandom.

    Who’s next?

  • TH!P 11:16 pm on 2010-12-24 Permalink | Reply  

    Some Eggs Have Hatched 

    Sengoku Minami

    It has recently been announced that Hello! Pro Egg members Sengoku Minami and Kikkawa Yuu have completed their training as members of Hello! Pro Egg.

    No statement has been given on Sengoku’s future, though there is some speculation that she will join Morning Musume. This is purely fan speculation and I can’t say I’m convinced myself. She is a popular member of Hello! Pro Egg as well as a member of the semi-defunct Ongaku Gatas.

    Hello! Project have however announced that Kikkawa Yuu will open the Hello! Project 2011 Winter Tour and her future activities will be announced at that time. This is quite important as Kikkawa is arguably one of the most popular and developed members of Hello! Pro Egg. She auditioned with Mitsui Aika to become a member of Morning Musume’s 8th generation but was unfortunately not chosen. Since then she has participated in many Hello! Pro Egg concerts and events as well as having an active role in theatre and indeed as a member of the unit MilkyWay.

    Kikkawa Yuu

    I’d guess that Kikkawa is going to launch a solo career or perhaps join Morning Musume as part of the 9th generation. She can definitely sing and already has a fanbase. I’d like to see her do either, I think Mano Erina has pretty much been unable to prove herself as a soloist as of yet.

    • wilsgun 6:11 am on 2010-12-27 Permalink | Reply

      NICE!!!!!!!!! I’d love to see Yuu head off against the very pushed forward soloist Mano… great competition

  • TH!P 1:05 pm on 2009-08-10 Permalink | Reply  

    Noto Arisa & Sawada Yuri to Graduate from Hello! Pro Egg 

    Noto_Arisa_1814 Sawada_Yuri_7711

    Hello! Project seems to be rife with graduation this year – what’s going on?! Hello! Pro Egg leader Noto Arisa is to graduate from Hello! Pro Egg and Hello! Project but stay under UFA as an Up-Front Egg and as a member of Ongaku Gatas.

    Sawada Yuri on the other hand is completely graduating from all units in order to focus on university entrance, as to who will be the new leader of Hello! Pro Egg will probably be announced at the upcoming Hello! Pro Egg concert. I’m sad to see both girls go but especially Nocchi, she was my favourite!

    • Alita 3:30 pm on 2009-08-10 Permalink | Reply

      Well Nocchi isn’t really going anywhere. She’s just going into M-line which she’s already listed in (all 3 of the eggs from Gatas are actually so them being also in HP was a bit strange). The only one I’m wondering about is Sengoku Minami as they should do the same thing with her they are doing with Nocchi in this case.

      Still confused about the HP Eggs vs UFA Eggs, as the audition forms are the same form so not really sure how that works out in some big manager’s mind but I doubt it will mean much more than her not participating in the Shinjin Kouen.

    • rasune7 12:13 am on 2009-08-11 Permalink | Reply

      wow Sawada Yuri looks so pretty in that pic. but this doesn’t seem like much of a big deal at least for Noto Arisa.

    • Rebecca 6:05 am on 2009-08-13 Permalink | Reply

      Alita: Up-Front Eggs are trained to become talents or actresses, while the H!Pro Eggs are trained to eventually become full members of H!P/singers. (If that answers your question anyway.)

      But yes, really the only big changes I can imagine is her no longer singing in Egg concerts, participating in H!P concerts, and maybe the HAPPY! STYLE circuits.

      I’m a bit sad about both of them, but if this is what they want to do then good for them. Perhaps Noto will eventually become a voice actress or something, and fulfill some sort of dream to voice a character in a Gundam series or project. xD; (And Hopefully Sawada gets into University like she wants.)

  • TH!P 9:08 pm on 2009-05-10 Permalink | Reply  


    The previously announced unnamed Hello! Pro Egg group consisting of Ogawa Saki, Fukuda Kanon, Wada Ayaka and Maeda Yuuka has been named S/mileage by Tsunku.

    After reading Tsunku’s blog it seems as though he’s quite proud of this “witty” name though I can’t say I’m digging it myself! Maybe it will grow on me, let’s hope the group are good!

    • Deedy 9:48 pm on 2009-05-10 Permalink | Reply

      Hm…I dont think I get it. How are you supposed to pronounce it? “Es-mileage”…”smile-age”? Weird o_o Oh well..I <3 those girls at least XD

      • LOL 10:58 am on 2009-10-16 Permalink | Reply

        I’m pretty sure that they pronounce it like “sumiarige”

    • 亜田夢 12:09 am on 2009-05-11 Permalink | Reply

      It should be pronounced Smile-age

    • Zethgryn 7:08 pm on 2009-05-11 Permalink | Reply

      Its maeda yuuka, not maeda yuki

    • 亜田夢 10:14 pm on 2009-05-11 Permalink | Reply

      Ah of course, oops!

    • Zethgryn 12:59 am on 2009-05-12 Permalink | Reply

      yes that would quite awkward if maeda yuki was in that group, lol

    • 亜田夢 1:14 am on 2009-05-12 Permalink | Reply

      Awkward yet probably quite amusing…!

    • Zhila Tahta Arzyka 7:36 pm on 2009-12-28 Permalink | Reply

      Ass. Konnichiwa! wow….wada ayaka so kawaiii… ne….

    • lucy 4:30 am on 2010-06-26 Permalink | Reply

      They are now my 1st favorite. They are tied uo with Morning Musume.

    • lucy 4:36 am on 2010-06-26 Permalink | Reply


    • lucy 4:38 am on 2010-06-26 Permalink | Reply

      Actually it`s pronounce Sumareiji , I look it up on google.com

    • lucy 4:44 am on 2010-06-26 Permalink | Reply

      my favorite s/mileage members are from
      1.Fukuda Kanon ( She has a pretty voice.)
      2.Saki Ogawa ( She has the next prettiest voice.)
      3.Wada Ayaka ( Even though she does not have a pretty voice, She still has fashion)
      4.Yuuka Maeda ( She acts like she is all that .)

    • lucy 5:37 am on 2010-06-26 Permalink | Reply

      Don`t listen about what i said about Maeda Yuuka because I said That because she always sings first. But now I know that she is sometimes kind and picked !st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th

    • lucy 5:38 am on 2010-06-26 Permalink | Reply

      I should not have said that about her. She seems too nice to the other members of s/mileage.

    • tofuu_love 8:34 pm on 2010-08-16 Permalink | Reply

      I have to agree with lucy that Fukuda Kanon has the nicest voice, and that Ogawa Saki’s voice is the next nicest one (they sound a little similar sometimes). But I love them all~!

  • TH!P 5:03 pm on 2009-04-04 Permalink | Reply  

    New Hello! Pro Egg Unit + 6th Generation Hello! Pro Egg 

    New Egg Unit April 09

    Hello! Project producer Tsunku announced on his blog today that a new Hello! Pro Egg unit will debut this Autumn. The unit is as of yet unamed as is the unit’s purpose, Egg units have in the past been created for some purpose after all – anime, campaigns.

    The group is made up of;

    • Ogawa Saki
    • Fukuda Kanon
    • Wada Ayaka
    • Maeda Yuuka

    So basically Shugo-Chara Egg! with Ogawa Saki replacing Saho Akari, right? Tsunku describes their debut as their major debut – this may refer to either the group becoming full members of Hello! Project and graduating from Hello! Pro Egg or simply releasing a CD through a major record label, not an indies label like the earlier THE Possible singles. Tsunku also mentions on his blog that this line-up may change in the run up to the debut of the unit, he may change members, add members or even remove members in order to create the best group possible.

    Also announced is the joining of two new Hello! Pro Egg members; 佐藤綾乃 (Sato Ayano; Ayanon) 瀬崎あずさ (Sezaki Azusa; Azuzu). Ayano was actually introduced in a recent magazine article though at the time it wasn’t too clear on who she actually was! These two mark the 6th generation of Hello! Pro Egg. Hello! Pro Egg is proving to be quite a good opportunity for these young girls and women to debut in the entertainment industry, even if it is only on radio, stage or internet. I think these girls are probably a little better known than some of their male counterparts in Johnny’s Juniors who go unamed on occasion!

    • Morning Musuko 5:16 pm on 2009-04-04 Permalink | Reply

      There is a lot of Units for animes. Buono!, Guardians 4, Milkyway, Shugo Chara Egg, and now another?! What is going on?! There must be new shows coming out because there are 3 groups doing Shugo Chara Doki. Eh, I just want Buono! to stay together and I’ll be happy!

    • 亜田夢 6:01 pm on 2009-04-04 Permalink | Reply

      They aren’t necessarily for an anime.

    • nekoally 6:38 am on 2009-04-06 Permalink | Reply

      Not sure about your last comment…
      I do believe Jognny’s juniors are better known than the H!P eggs…
      After all, they have their own TV show (The Shounen club), they have their own concert, they appear on MusicStation by themselves, they appear in TV drama (not anime, mind you), and when they backdance for their senpai in concert, they actually get introduced by their names…
      So basically, I do believe Johnny’s Jr are better known to the general public… Not to mention that Johnny’s, in general, is more mainstream than H!P

    • ava 2:31 am on 2009-04-08 Permalink | Reply

      what is tsunkus blog?

    • 亜田夢 2:42 am on 2009-04-08 Permalink | Reply

    • jun 8:12 pm on 2009-04-08 Permalink | Reply

      thanks alot for the news yeah i kind of late on the news so thanks for the news hmmm looking forward to the new egg wow another shuffle units am i right hmmmm mitsui kumai sugaya nakajima hmmm looking foward to it jun sorry if i wrote to much

    • Rad 8:47 pm on 2009-04-08 Permalink | Reply

      Saki Ogawa is one to watch, the future of Hello! Project.

    • Gemma 4:41 pm on 2009-04-10 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, that’s Ogawa Saki now?!
      She’s grown so much since the last time i seen her!
      I also agree with “Rad” She is the one to look out for, she’s awsome!

    • Char 3:52 am on 2009-04-14 Permalink | Reply

      yayy!!!! more kanon!!!! =D yah…the last statement about johnny’s juniors is true. Only the “famous” juniors are well known…unless you are a hard-core fan of the juniors, then you mite noe all the names =P juniors are only more well known than eggs cuz of johnny’s fame. i like how tsunku expands into other countries =) something that johnny doesn’t have.

    • kon-kon 5:52 am on 2009-04-14 Permalink | Reply

      nice…… i can bear-lly wait for these. anyway, why those 3 (kanin, yuuka, and ayaya~y) looks always got to much attention than the other?. i miss notchin…..

    • H!P S'PORE FAN 6:54 am on 2009-04-14 Permalink | Reply

      Johnny’s is more mainstream because they started training members even b4 H!P was formed. Most Boy Bands like SMAP, Kinki Kids, Katun are debuted members..but H!P is much different from Johnny’s. i am impress with the way Tsunku expands into other countries..to me H!P is the best because there are chinese members in it..more cultural..

      wonder what would this new group be called…can’t wait to find out..i like Yuuka and Kanon

      To all H!P Egg fans…i am a little confuse with a picture i recently downloaded…i need some help in recognising a few members.. your help will be much appreciated..
      thank you.

      the picture is at this link:

    • H!P S'PORE FAN 7:01 am on 2009-04-14 Permalink | Reply

      it is surprising to see that Yuuka, DAWA and Kanon are in this new upcoming group…since the 3 have been in Shugo Chara Egg..i will be waiting…i like Yuuka, Kanon and Kikawa Yuu!

      Oh, to all H!P Egg fans..i have some trouble differentiating 2 H!P Egg pictures…i hope someone can help me out. The link is:


    • matt23119 5:39 pm on 2009-04-15 Permalink | Reply

      Oh…how many members are there currently now in H!P Egg.?

  • TH!P 12:16 pm on 2008-09-21 Permalink | Reply  

    New Hello! Pro Egg Unit – Shugo Chara Egg 

    The aforementioned new Hello! Pro Egg unit was announced yesterday as Shugo Chara Egg and consists of four of the most popular members of Hello! Pro Egg; Saho Akari, Wada Ayaka, Maeda Yuuka and Fukuda Kanon. Many fans have been waiting for a while for Fukuda Kanon to be added to a group so this should come as welcome news. As far as I know this is the first group for both Fukuda and Wada, Maeda was in High-King a few months ago and Saho is a member of Tomoiki Ki wo Uetai.

    They will release their first single on 2008-12-10 titled Minna no Tamago (Everyone’s Egg). I’ve added this to the release dates page as well as a wealth of other releases up to February 2009!

    • steven 1:21 pm on 2008-09-21 Permalink | Reply

      i think fukuda kanon will be next aibon!!
      the face, same as aibon!!i think!!!
      thx btw

    • 亜田無 2:14 pm on 2008-09-21 Permalink | Reply

      I was thinking that she does look quite a bit like Kago, at least in that picture.

  • TH!P 5:15 pm on 2008-08-26 Permalink | Reply  

    [Rumour] New Hello! Pro Egg Unit 

    Well, here’s some exciting news! A rumored new unit made up of members from Hello! Pro Egg which will provide the new opening for the anime Shugo Chara. Apparently Buono! will still sing the ending theme.

    The members of the unit haven’t been announced yet although their are two speculative groupings that have surfaced on 2ch (and therefore should be taken with more than a pinch of salt):

    Group 1:

    • Maeda Yuuka
    • Saho Akari
    • Wada Ayaka
    • Komine Momoko

    Group 2:

    • Ogawa Saki
    • Sainen Mia
    • Wada Ayaka
    • Komine Momoko
    • Arai Minami
    • Maeda Yuuka
    • Saho Akari

    So it’s quite likely that Maeda Yuuka will be in the group, which is pleasing, I liked her in High-King. Apparently the announcement will be made at a Shugo Chara event next month on 2008-09-20. It’s also rumored that the members who make up this group will be promoted to full member status (in other words graduate from Hello! Pro Egg).

    Must stress the details of this rumor are very, very sketchy. Though I’m excited I’d have rather seen SI*NA given the anime opening or at least something, add them to the official website already UFA! Anyway, more details will follow when available!

    • Kenny Yi 9:05 pm on 2008-08-26 Permalink | Reply

      I want there to be a unit where they shuffle in eggs and take out eggs, like what was originally planned for Berryz and the H!P Kids.

    • 亜田無 2:23 am on 2008-08-27 Permalink | Reply

      I like that idea though I think it would make it hard for the group to have stable popularity. Also Happy! Style sort of fulfills this already.

    • Gemma 9:01 pm on 2008-09-06 Permalink | Reply

      Hmmm interesting and exciting!
      I want group 2 to do it so that i will be able to see more h!p eggs. I don’t really follow along with them so it would be nice to see more of them :)
      The only 2 i really know and like are maeda Yuuka & ogawa saki :)

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