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  • TH!P 4:31 pm on 2009-06-24 Permalink | Reply  

    Oricon for Kago Ai, Melon Kinenbi & AKB48 


    Kago Ai & Melon Kinenbi both released singles today, Kago’s being her debut solo single and the Melon Kinenbi single being the first of five colloborations, this one with Beat Crusaders.

    Kago has charted at No.26 with no hesitAtIon, I was hoping she’d chart a bit higher but I guess I shouldn’t expect too much, especially as there hasn’t been too much promotion for this single.

    Rather surprisingly Melon Kinenbi have charted at No.27 with Don’t Say Goodbye and considering this is an indie release sold only at Tower Records the ranking isn’t half bad!

    The real victiory in the charts this week is for AKB48 who have managed to reach No.2 in their first day of sales with 41,064 copies of their new single Namida Surprise! sold in one day!! Amazing!

    • Kenny 9:07 pm on 2009-06-24 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, Melon Kinenbi charted decently…o.o I used to check their PPN page and it says that they used to chart in the 180-200 range o.o Yay collaboration?

      Kago’s single could’ve done better with promotion.

      Wow, almost forgot that AKB48 had a new single coming out. They are just blazing the Oricon charts, aren’t they?

    • rachxberryz 12:33 am on 2009-06-25 Permalink | Reply

      I agree I was hoping that Kago’s single would have been higher on the chart.

    • Michi 6:50 pm on 2009-06-25 Permalink | Reply

      I agree that Aibon’s Single could’ve easily ranked higher, but the promotion barely was there. If not for yas, I never would’ve known [and never just received meh First Release]. XD

      Both Songs are AWESOME and suit her, at least in my opinion.

      But the whole-thing with being fired from H!P could’ve also hurt her Sales. So, I’m hoping, that with time, she will regain her old fans and/or gain respect and even more fans. <3

  • TH!P 12:29 pm on 2009-05-22 Permalink | Reply  

    Cover and Coupling for Kago’s Debut Single 

    Kago’s record label, indagrove has uploaded the tracklisting and cover for her upcoming single, the cover is very cool and the coupling, Children of the Night, sounds like it could be awesome!

    Also, I didn’t know Kago was on the same label as DANCE MAN!


    • Mo 2:56 am on 2009-05-27 Permalink | Reply

      Wah~ Good luck Kago~! Really, I am hoping she does better than C-ute and AKB48. Sorry C-ute! But I really hope this goes well with Kago. :P


  • TH!P 7:10 pm on 2009-05-03 Permalink | Reply  

    Support Kago~! 

    As I mentioned before Kago Ai releases her debut single, NO HESITATION, on 2009-06-24 and online retailers now have it available for purchase! The first-pressing is still available! Don’t hesitate~!

    From CDJapan

    From YesAsia

  • TH!P 5:44 pm on 2009-04-26 Permalink | Reply  

    New Singles for AKB48 & C-ute (2009-06-24) 

    AKB48 are to release their 13th single on 2009-06-24 titled 涙サプライズ!, Namida Surprise. There is apparently some disatisfaction amongst AKB48 fans as to the members chosen to participate in this single, as I’m not too familiar with any members in particular I’ll have to wait and see what I think after a preview!

    C-ute are also due to release a single on the same day titled 暑中お見舞い申し上げます, Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu. This is a cover of the song of the same name by 70s J-Pop group, Candies. Incidently SweetS also covered this song. I’m a little dubious as to how this will turn out as covers are often a little disapointing from Hello! Project – I wasn’t a particular fan of COVER YOU. It’s rumored Kanna will return in June so she may participate in this single.

    If you remember, Kago Ai is also releasing her debut single on the same day as these two, we have a Kago VS C-ute VS AKB48 situation! While I’d like Kago to do the best I feel it may turn out this way; AKB48, C-ute, Kago. I can’t honestly see Kago charting too high though I’d like to be pleasntly surprised. I don’t imagine she’ll have great promotion as her label is a little unknown.

    • Alita 12:28 pm on 2009-05-16 Permalink | Reply

      Cute’s single has been pushed back to July 1st, was just announced at the concert today. Just speculation but probably means Kanna is coming back.

  • TH!P 12:14 am on 2009-04-13 Permalink | Reply  

    Kago Ai Debut Single “NO HESITATION” (2009-06-24) 

    It has been revealed the Kago Ai will finally release her debut single, NO HESITATION on 2009-06-24. There haven’t been any previews yet though Kago has certainly been making posts on her blog about signing and recording. The label for the release, according to Amazon Japan, is インターセプト; Intercept. Not a label I’ve heard of.

    Very excited about this release!



    • Rebear 2:39 am on 2009-04-13 Permalink | Reply

      This gets me excited like nothing else in the entire world. I can’t wait to hear this! It’s been FAR too long!!

    • Gemma 10:34 pm on 2009-04-13 Permalink | Reply

      Wow! Her voice hasn’t changed a bit.. it’s still cute :)
      Really nice song!

    • Rad 4:22 am on 2009-04-18 Permalink | Reply

      Having heard “No Hesitation” live by Aibon herself at the start of her stage play at Le Theatre in the Ginza District last January, I can tell you it’s a very zippy song and hearkens back to her idol roots. I realize Aibon continues to be a “bad girl” but she is first and foremost a sensational pop singer with a cannon voice and extraordinarily energetic delivery. I will be getting this single for sure!

  • TH!P 11:38 pm on 2009-03-09 Permalink | Reply  

    Kago does it again! 

    I haven’t been very up to date with my blogging lately as it’s almost exam season here and I’m very busy however I think I’ll take a break from the books for this post!

    Former Hello! Project idol Kago Ai has once again found herself caught up in a scandal, this time with a married man! 20 year old Kago seems to have a thing for older men as her new beau is 33 years old and apparently a somewhat well known actor, though I have never heard of him – Hidejiro Mizumoto anyone? Kago’s agency haven’t exactly confirmed the rumour yet though they haven’t denied it. Mizumoto’s soon to be ex-wife is suing both Kago and Mizumoto for monetary damages for apparently 10million yen from Kago and 50million yen from Mizumoto; this is a lot of money!

    Head over to Hello! Online for the full story.

    • Ami 7:31 pm on 2009-03-13 Permalink | Reply

      Everyone, thats…
      £7,330 from Kago and £36,636 from Mizumoto.
      Poor Kago. It’s probably going to ruin the plans for the new mini-albums.

    • bluesakura 6:40 pm on 2009-03-15 Permalink | Reply

      still needs to be confirmed

      I’m happy she is ignoring this and still working
      we shouldn’t care about her personal life, so lets wait for her music to come out, all my support for Ai

      long time since I’ve been here

  • TH!P 12:48 am on 2008-08-25 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Releases (2008-08-25) 


    • Kago AiKago Ai LIVE ~Kago Ai no Miseinen Hakusho~ (Book)

    Well, this is a name I never thought would be on my release schedule a few months back. Kago’s comeback has been pretty spectacular with rather a lot of television appearances as well as a few fan-meets and a mini-concert! This book marks her first release and in it she offers advice to aspiring idols and gives other such useful tidbits from her 20 years worth of experience.

    • Rad 9:31 am on 2008-08-26 Permalink | Reply

      Hope to read this ASAP is there’s an English-language version. Aibon is looking better than ever, and it’s time she dive back into music as soon as she can — or as soon as someone gives her a shot.

    • Hammi 11:15 pm on 2008-08-26 Permalink | Reply

      Kago looks like…a real person!! ^^ Less-idol-y, but still adorable. I love reading H!O’s translations of her blog; and I’m so happy that she’s back. :3

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