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    Review: Matsuura Aya – Click you Link me 

    So, Matsuura Aya recently released her 7th album, click you link me. Matsuura has been veering towards a more mature style for a while now and this album enters new territory with a sort of psuedo-jazz feel. I’m not sure how I feel about this, I’m not a huge fan of jazz but I do like Matsuura, so I’ll now give a track by track review.

    1. The Difference – This is definitely jazz, or at least wannabe jazz. The “plug” of the song, is “the difference that makes the world go round” which Matsuura sings accompanied by backing singers throughout the song. This song was one of the first previewed from the album and it got a lot of bad press, it’s not been well recieved and it is a different style for Matsuura but you know, I don’t actually dislike it. I wouldn’t listen to it when out running or anything as it’s quite laid back and chilled, but it’s not an awful song. Sometimes a little bit cringey, there is a speaking section by an unamed singer and it’s almost a social commentary on various things such as “the money the vatican has…” – a bit much Matsuura, don’t you think? Anyway, it’s not great, but not all that bad, I could listen to it as BGM. 6/10
    2. Feel Your Groove – This is a self cover, originally found on her Naked Songs album. The arrangement for this version is quite different and I can’t say I’m a fan, it’s a little cringey and way too lounge-music-esque. I don’t love the original either, but it’s nowhere near as awkward as this. I think it’s the jazz flute that makes my stomach turn the most. 2/10
    3. Suna wo Kamu You ni…NAMIDA – Another self-cover, I really like the original version of this song, and this “jazzmake” of it…isn’t too bad. I prefer the original and I don’t think this adds a great deal to it, it’s not awful though, just not anything special. Matsuura does have lovely vocals though. 4/10
    4. Yokohama Rondo – I really like the opening of this track actually, not a jazz flute in sight. Matsuura also has lovely vocals in it and it’s more ballad than jazzy, still has a bit of a lounge feel but it’s more listenable than the self covers really. I would listen to this when studying or relaxing, thankfully this track offers something new and worthwhile from Matsuura. 8/10
    5. Home nite – This too actually is alright, not as good as Yokohama Rondo, but…it has a charm. It’s pleasant and the arrangement is understated. 7/10
    6. Click you Link me – The title track, definitely more of a jazz-pop-lounge arrangement here, a bit more upbeat than the other tracks though. It’s okay, not something I’d want to listen to often, but not awful. Doesn’t leave a lasting impression really, the chorus is quite nice I guess. 5/10
    7. Katari Tsugu Koto – Okay, this track starts in a totally different vein to the others with some koto playing. Matsuura’s vocals are nice and the arrangement is delicate and not overpowering, this is nice and doesn’t fit with the album too much, which isn’t a bad thing in this case really. It sounds almost like an alan album track.8/10
    8. Interlude ~Okay~ – So weird. Not really reviewable, lasts only 33 seconds, thankfully.
    9. Watarasebashi – A self-cover of a cover, this time with the original singer, Moritaka Chisato. I really, really like this song, it’s a classic. This version is okay, I prefer Matsuura’s original cover and indeed Goto’s version of it. Still, it’s pleasant enough.  7/10
    10. dearest. – Another self-cover from her Naked Songs album. I think I may actually prefer this version to the original, which is marginally shocking. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original, but it’s not awful, and definitely something I could listen to in the background. Matsuura sounds good. 6/10
    11. only one – A very chilled track, it’s not standout by any means but it’s not awful, pretty much how I feel about most of the album really, isn’t it? 6/10
    12. Hitori – Shock! Another self-cover, this time the c/w to her single Kizuna. I like the original quite a lot, this version not so much, the arrangement is a bit too lounge again. 5/10
    13. Minna Hitori – An appropriate end to the album, pretty much like the other tracks, not awful, not standout, pleasant vocals, hints of jazz-flute making me feel faint. 5/10

    Overall Rating: 5/10 Passable

    Some Oricon Ranking data is available for the album, over it’s first three days it charted at 37 and 47 on two days only.

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    Matsuura Aya 7th Album “Click You Link Me” (2010-11-24) 

    Aya Matsuura at V Power "Music Storm&quot...

    Image via Wikipedia

    After a brief hiatus, Matsuura Aya will release her 7th album this November, on the same day as both Goto Maki and Mano Erina’s new albums.

    This will be her first album since graduating from Hello! Project and will apparently include new songs as well as covers. It’s going to be in the same style as her last album and therefore has potential to bore the masses. I liked Kizuna anyway…

    The album will be entitled Click You Link Me and you can hear the announcement here from around 26 minutes into the recording;


    • Tsuki 2:13 am on 2010-09-13 Permalink | Reply

      I totally bet Ai Haruna is having a major moment of happiness right now! xD

    • 亚当 3:27 pm on 2010-09-13 Permalink | Reply

      I’m not sure, I think Haruna preferred bubblegum Ayaya.

    • bigd 4:54 pm on 2010-09-22 Permalink | Reply

      I like her recent( a year or 2) releases. Mature and very smooth. She also an amazing singer with an amazing voice. I’ll definitely check this out.

  • TH!P 9:14 am on 2009-02-24 Permalink | Reply  

    Naichau Kamo Ranks at #3 

    Morning Musume’s latest single Naichau Kamo has ranked at #3 in the Weekly Oricon charts with sales of 44,121 – better than their last 4,000 below Resonant Blue. Not bad at all – it’s nice to still see Morning Musume charting high! They were only around 2,000 copies behind the #2, Acid Black Cherry.

    Sales weren’t so favourable for soloist Matsuura Aya who managed to sell only 757 copies of her single in the second week bringing her to a total of 4,795 so far. Pretty poor for the once mega-idol Matsuura.

    The ravex / BoA / Goto Maki colloboration single charted at #8 with sales of 15,074 – I expected this to do a bit better as all the tracks on the single are amazing! It quite possibly has more long lasting selling power than Naichau Kamo though.

    • Missy 2:19 am on 2009-02-26 Permalink | Reply

      Good job Morning Musume, but I feel sad for Ayaya, her single did so bad.

  • TH!P 11:15 am on 2009-02-20 Permalink | Reply  

    News Round-Up! 

    Well, I’ve not posted in a little while due to various reasons; mainly ilness, school work and computer problems – in that order. Now for a round-up of all o the latest Hello! Project news!

    Morning Musume in the USA!

    Morning Musume will be appearing as the guests of honor at the upcoming Anime Expo ’09 in Los Angeles. There seems to be a pretty concentrated fan effort to welcome them and I’m sure it will be pretty awesome! Pity I don’t live in America!

    Naichau Kamo & Believe in LOVE


    • Morning MusumeNaichau Kamo (38th Single) (Limited A+B with DVD)
    • ravex Believe in LOVE feat. BoA (2nd Single) (Limited with DVD) (Goto Maki featured on b-side)

    These two are pretty big releases and both are pretty nice singles – I really like Naichau Kamo though I think Believe in LOVE is pretty awesome too – Goto Maki’s track is also very nice and of high quality compared to what we were used to her releasing while she was a member of Hello! Project. Naichau Kamo debuted at No.2 in the charts, fell to No.3 and then rose again to No.2 today! Not too bad at all!

    Otome no Inori Covers

    Limited A, B, C & Regular.


    Matsuura Aya’s latest single, Chocolate Damashii fared rather poorly in the Oricon charts selling 4,028 copies in it’s first week and charting at No.19. This is her lowest charting single so far – just goes to show that a more upbeat single won’t necessarily get anymore sells. On a more positive note Satoda Mai’s newest single has now sold 42,131 copies in it’s 5th week of sales and is still charting! The tables have certainly turned in Satoda’s favour since 2007!

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    Matsuura Aya 21st Single (2009-02-11) 

    The soon to be axed Elder Club are getting releases thick and fast with the release of Matsuura Aya’s 21st single titled Chocolate Tamashii to be released on 2009-02-11 announced today. This release has been speculated at for a while as the Single V was revealed around a week ago – I didn’t want to post anything though until I had some concrete proof of the single’s existence (Thanks e-hon!). The Single-V will be released two weeks after the single on 2009-02-25.

    Ayaya has gotten a few endorsements recently with a few more CMs to help promote her. Promosingly the single has been described as an “upbeat valentine melody.” I’m hoping for another Ki ga Tsukeba Anata type song!

  • TH!P 6:47 pm on 2008-12-18 Permalink | Reply  

    New Profile Picture and Covers for Ayaya’s 6th album 

    Matsuura Aya has had a new profile picture uploaded on the Hello! Project Official Website and I personally think she looks really classy and pretty!

    The covers for her new album and last as a Hello! Project soloist are pretty awesome – there’s ony one edition of the single and one cover shown is the inner album cover and the other the slip case. This is a step up from her last album, Double Rainbow, which had the same cover both for main album and slip case.

    • Rad 9:25 pm on 2008-12-18 Permalink | Reply

      The timing of this is curious given that Ayaya is supposed to “graduate” as part of the Elder Club in early 2009.

  • TH!P 7:13 pm on 2008-12-02 Permalink | Reply  

    Upcoming Releases (2009~) 

    Lots of interesting new releases have been announced today, all of which will be released in January / February 2009! I’ll list them in order of release and you’ll also find them on the release-schedule page.


    • Matsuura AyaOmoi Afurete (6th Album)

    Who could have forseen this one? Most likely Matsuura’s final release with Hello! Project. Looking forward to this though I found Double Rainbow (her last album) a little boring.


    • C-ute4akogare MY STAR (4th Album) (Limited with DVD)

    Woah! More releases? This could be interesting, especially that the girls are getting a little older now.


    • Kusumi KoharuHappy Happy Sunday (6th Single) (Limited with DVD)

    I’ll try not to judge too soon.


    • Morning MusumeNaichau Kamo (38th Single) (Limited A+B with DVD)

    The title means “I might cry,” sounds pretty promosing to me and I hope it’s similiar in sound to some of their more recently popular singles; Onna ni Sachi Are and Resonant Blue to name two.

    • Max 8:22 pm on 2008-12-02 Permalink | Reply

      Wow! xD I’m really excited for all of it.

      Momusu’s looking to have an original album sometime soon, I hope D:

    • 亜田無 2:14 am on 2008-12-03 Permalink | Reply

      Apparently one is possibly in the works.

    • Squeaky 6:34 pm on 2008-12-03 Permalink | Reply

      I heard that Tsunku talked about it on his blog…he had mentioned the C-ute album, a new single for Momusu and a new album for them as well. I’m also quite excited for the Aya release since that completely surprised me.

      I also read that for now Buono’s next single was Koi no Love Potion and their album was (for now) to be called Al Buono or something…found out anything about that yet?

    • Max 11:06 pm on 2008-12-03 Permalink | Reply

      @Squeaky: The Album is supposed to be called AL Buono!, but Koi no Love Potion was a rumour that turned out to be false. It’s apparently another group’s song. D:

    • jun 7:52 pm on 2008-12-04 Permalink | Reply

      wow so much of 2009 hmmm mm 38th single looking forward to that koharu 6 single looking to that to and cute album hmmmm too much thanks for the inf o

    • Squeaky 8:09 pm on 2008-12-04 Permalink | Reply

      @Max: Thanks for clearing up the album and the single issue. What a pity about the title, it sounded like it would’ve been very catchy.

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