MM Gakuen Gasshobu 2nd Single (09-07-15) 

It has been announced via the TNX website that MM Gakuen Gasshobu will release their 2nd single on 2009-07-15, very quickly after their last single I must say! I enjoyed both tracks from their debut single and I hope this will be on par or even better!

The single will be titled めちゃモテ!サマー (Mecha Mote! Summer);


M1. めちゃモテ!サマー
作詞・作曲:二十九先生(軽音部顧問) 編曲者:大久保薫
M2. 乗ってるかぁ~い! (Notteru Kaaii!)
作詞・作曲:二十九先生(軽音部顧問) 編曲者:守尾崇
M3. めちゃモテ!サマー(Instrumental)
M4. 乗ってるかぁ~い!(Instrumental)

Single V Tracklist:

M1.めちゃモテ!サマー(MUSIC CLIP)
M2. めちゃモテ!サマー (ダンス講座) (Dance Lesson)
M3. めちゃモテ!サマー(Dance Shot Ver.)
M4. メイキング映像 (Making-Of)