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  • TH!P 3:35 am on 2010-02-19 Permalink | Reply  

    Ongaku Gatas 4th Single – 2010-03-06 

    Somewhat surprisingly Ongaku Gatas will release their 4th single this March, with the title READY! KICK OFF!! This is the group’s first release since graduating from Hello! Project last March and is also their first indie release.

    The single has only two tracks, the title and it’s instrumental though I still think it’s pretty cool they are still releasing music, despite their sporadic release schedule! Their last single was in 2008!

  • Michi 7:58 am on 2009-12-17 Permalink | Reply  

    Ongaku Gatas Concert 

    It seems that the Gatas didn’t disappear after the graduation of the Elder Club. They’re coming back in March of next year with a new concert tour titled Ongaku Gatas Live Tour Spring 2010 ~Gatas Ryuu~. I’m quite curious as to the line-up  considering that the group has gotten considerably smaller since it’s debut, will new members be added?

    • Alita 11:08 pm on 2009-12-18 Permalink | Reply

      Just speculation but since there haven’t been anynew singles in over a year and a half but there has been the news of Konno going off into the broadcasting world, this might be a sendoff. Most fan here thought Gatas was over once the elder club graduated and unless the release another single soon … then it seems like this might just be a good opportunity to actually end it. They’ve only gotten one member smaller from their last tour (Yuri is gone) but the rest are still there.

      • arialockheart 1:47 am on 2010-02-16 Permalink | Reply

        Well, it’s going to be quite the sendoff I guess…this Gatas song just hit the radio and it’s brand new.

        From what I can hear: Kon kon, Yossie, Rika and Mai are still in…checked e-hon and there’s no official announcement yet. I can only assume it’s coming out sometime before the concert.

        • arialockheart 1:52 am on 2010-02-16 Permalink

          Bah, the link was removed. Oh well.

  • TH!P 11:03 am on 2008-10-05 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Releases (2008-10-05) 

    Cover for Lucky Aura


    • Mano ErinaLucky Aura (2nd Indies Single)
    • Ongaku GatasCome Together (Event V)

    Mano Erina releases her second indies single today and I have to say it’s quite an improvement on the first. It has a much better beat and is almost a little dance-y while still incorporating piano, it’s a worthwhile purchase if you can get it, it’s only available online via e-online as far as I know. I wonder if she’ll make her major debut in 2009?

    Ongaku Gatas also release an Event V for their 3rd single, will this event boost sales I wonder? I hope so, though Come Together hasn’t done too badly, I didn’t expect even 10,000 from it.

    • May 11:33 pm on 2008-10-05 Permalink | Reply

      It’s amazing! I love it!

    • Missy 3:03 am on 2008-10-06 Permalink | Reply

      Much better than her first single.

  • TH!P 12:39 am on 2008-09-24 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Releases 


    • Morning MusumePepper Keibu (37th Single) (Limited A with DVD) (Limited B with Photobook)
    • Ongaku GatasCome Together (3rd Single V)
    • Matsuura AyaMatsuura Aya Concert Tour 2008 Haru “AYA The Witch” (Concert DVD)

    Morning Musume release their much anticipated 37th single today, it ranked at #4 in the Daily Charts which isn’t bad considering it’s up against the likes of Mr.Children and Ayaka x Kokuburu, I fear it will rank outside the Top-5 but let’s wait and see.

    For those of you who are interested in sales and the likes, Ongaku Gatas latest singles has managed to outsell their last single by a few thousand copies which is always reassuring.

  • TH!P 6:52 pm on 2008-09-19 Permalink | Reply  

    Ongaku Gatas “Come Together” Single V 

    The cover for Ongaku GatasCome Together Single V can be seen above, it will be released on 2008-09-24 and the tracklist is as follows;

    1. Come Together
    2. Come Together (Close-up Ver.)
    3. Making Of
  • TH!P 12:06 pm on 2008-08-28 Permalink | Reply  

    New Artist Images for Ongaku Gatas 

    Ongaku Gatas have new artist images at the Hello! Project Official Website (Japan) for the upcoming 3rd single; Come Together. I love the solo images for Konno Asami, Noto Arisa and Sawada Yuri.

    • Kenny Yi 9:44 pm on 2008-08-28 Permalink | Reply

      The PV came out too o.O When was the release date for this single?

    • 亜田無 1:36 am on 2008-08-29 Permalink | Reply

      The single is out on 2008-09-10.

  • TH!P 1:05 pm on 2008-08-18 Permalink | Reply  

    Cover for Ongaku Gatas’ “Come Together” 

    The cover for Ongaku Gatas‘ 3rd single has been revealed on the Up-Front website. It’s a pretty nice cover, now all we need is previews!

    • Cryxi 10:58 pm on 2008-08-18 Permalink | Reply

      They look good! Hopefully the song will be as good as they look.

    • superhappygenki 11:31 pm on 2008-08-18 Permalink | Reply

      It is quite possible that that’s the hottest that KonKon has ever looked.

    • paul.thomas 11:32 pm on 2008-08-18 Permalink | Reply

      Loving the cover. Yossie looks amazing!

    • renaye 2:16 am on 2008-08-19 Permalink | Reply

      ah… yossie is so beautiful in this cover!

    • Jeimuzu 7:43 am on 2008-08-20 Permalink | Reply

      I’m trying to get excited about this, but it’s not the same with only 8. 2 awesome girls are gone now. Oh well. (/>∀<)/☆ Yea Yoshizawa!

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