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  • TH!P 1:08 am on 2010-08-24 Permalink | Reply  

    ebay sale! 

    For all UK readers, I’m selling a huge selection of anime, collectible and video game items on ebay! If you’re not from the UK but still interested in something, comment here and we can probably arrange something.

    There are a particularly large amount of Sailor Moon items!


  • TH!P 10:42 pm on 2010-08-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Release Schedule Page Updated 

    I’ve updated the long neglected Release Schedule page with some new information, more updates to follow!

  • TH!P 11:54 pm on 2010-02-17 Permalink | Reply  

    Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai – First Week Sales 

    Morning Musume’s 42nd single, Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai, has ranked at #5 in the Oricon Weekly Charts with sales of 36,169. These sales aren’t too awful, they could be better though it’s roughly the same as Kimagure Princess’s first week.

    In non-Hello! Project news, I was quite surprised to see that BoA’s latest album, IDENTITY, only charted at #4 in it’s first week sales of 37,606. She’s ranked beneath Koda Kumi’s new album which is in it’s 2nd week, is BoA’s popularity really waning that much?

    • crossroade 12:44 pm on 2010-03-12 Permalink | Reply

      Go Morning Musume!

      Btw, I saw that there’s a free giveaway of Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai CD single over at tokyofied.com !!

  • TH!P 2:28 pm on 2010-02-12 Permalink | Reply  

    Hello! Project Goods for Sale 

    As I’ve lived in Japan for approaching seven months now I’ve accumulated some Hello! Project goods I don’t actually need so I’m going to offer them here first to anyone interested! I’ll put the price in British Pounds and Dollars, postage is included! Any other currency is fine too, payment can be done through Paypal. First comment reserves their right to purchase desired item. Item will be shipped on day of payment if viable (not after 3pm JST).

    Photobooks / 写真集

    辻加護 (Tsujikago featuring Kago Ai & Tsuji Nozomi)

    £14 / $22
    Original Price 2300円

    GO ON THE JOURNEY! (featuring Kago Ai) (Includes Poster) (SOLD)

    £15 / $23
    Original Price 2500円

    BEST SHOT!! モーニング娘。(featuring Morning Musume)

    £9 / $14
    Original Price 980円 (Somewhat hard to find now)

    / Books

    モーニング娘。を追いかけろ!(Morning Musume wo Oi Kakero!)

    £9 / $14
    Original Price 980円 (Quite rare nowadays)

    モーニング娘。魔法のハート (Morning Musume, Heart of Magic) (Includes case, 14 mini books, two sets of stickers, and stamp set)

    £28 / $32 (Is quite heavy to ship)
    Original Price 3330円 (Rare!!)

    Also, if anyone is looking for older or rarer goods I can have a look around some stores in Tokyo if you are really committed to purchasing something, such as photobooks, books, CDs and other merchandise.

    • Rebear 3:57 pm on 2010-02-12 Permalink | Reply

      Aah!! Can I reserve the Kago Ai PB? I love it so much. *o*; I can give you payment through PayPal.

    • LuckyFortuneCookie 12:22 pm on 2010-03-13 Permalink | Reply

      Hello! I’m not sure if this is offensive, but I’m running a FREE Hello!Project item giveaway this month, and I thought this thread might be the right place to post in. If it isn’t, please delete/move it.

      Information is in a video here:

  • TH!P 12:10 am on 2009-12-26 Permalink | Reply  

    Merry Christmas! 

    I hope everyone had or is having a great Christmas,


  • TH!P 9:17 pm on 2009-12-11 Permalink | Reply  

    Personal Blog 

    Little bit of advertising here!


    Posts have been in English so far but I can do in Japanese (or Gaelic :P) if it takes anyone’s fancy…!

    • Lee 7:14 am on 2009-12-12 Permalink | Reply

      not working

    • 亚当 10:22 am on 2009-12-12 Permalink | Reply

      Uh, it should do…?

    • HamHam 11:07 am on 2009-12-12 Permalink | Reply

      hmmmm…..it doesnt work

    • 亚当 11:23 am on 2009-12-12 Permalink | Reply

      Ahh, I put /// instead of //!


    • rasune7 4:13 pm on 2009-12-12 Permalink | Reply

      did you change it to Gaelic? lol

    • 亚当 9:24 pm on 2009-12-12 Permalink | Reply

      ^ 意味を分かんない〜 What do you mean?

    • rasune7 5:14 am on 2009-12-13 Permalink | Reply

      oh sorry i must of read it wrong before lol i thought you wrote greek instead. which i have no idea why i would confuse that…

  • Michi 10:22 am on 2009-12-02 Permalink | Reply  

    Hello everyone ! 

    Hey guys, just a quick little intro post so everyone knows who I am since I’ll be helping out around here.

    I’m Sheila, 21 and live in an island called Puerto Rico. Born and raised there and currently attending college here too. I got into Hello! Project thanks to playing Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! way back in the day…two years ago really. ^_^ Morning Musume’s ‘恋のダンズサイと’ was a song in the game and I got hooked from there…that song is still one of my favorites to play in game.

    I also have a twitter so if anyone would like to follow me, feel free to. My user is 007kiki and I tweet about just about everything…^^

    All right people, a catch up post shall be up soon with info on some new releases that are coming up next year…one of them being something I’m sure that a lot of people will be interested in.

    • anjerika-chan 11:08 am on 2010-08-14 Permalink | Reply

      were did you take the auditions in japan, puerto rico or in another place? am from puerto rico too

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