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  • TH!P 11:38 pm on 2009-03-09 Permalink | Reply  

    Kago does it again! 

    I haven’t been very up to date with my blogging lately as it’s almost exam season here and I’m very busy however I think I’ll take a break from the books for this post!

    Former Hello! Project idol Kago Ai has once again found herself caught up in a scandal, this time with a married man! 20 year old Kago seems to have a thing for older men as her new beau is 33 years old and apparently a somewhat well known actor, though I have never heard of him – Hidejiro Mizumoto anyone? Kago’s agency haven’t exactly confirmed the rumour yet though they haven’t denied it. Mizumoto’s soon to be ex-wife is suing both Kago and Mizumoto for monetary damages for apparently 10million yen from Kago and 50million yen from Mizumoto; this is a lot of money!

    Head over to Hello! Online for the full story.

    • Ami 7:31 pm on 2009-03-13 Permalink | Reply

      Everyone, thats…
      £7,330 from Kago and £36,636 from Mizumoto.
      Poor Kago. It’s probably going to ruin the plans for the new mini-albums.

    • bluesakura 6:40 pm on 2009-03-15 Permalink | Reply

      still needs to be confirmed

      I’m happy she is ignoring this and still working
      we shouldn’t care about her personal life, so lets wait for her music to come out, all my support for Ai

      long time since I’ve been here

  • TH!P 7:53 pm on 2008-06-02 Permalink | Reply  

    Rumors of Natsuyaki Miyabi Scandal 

    Berryz Koubou and Buono! member Natsuyaki Miyabi may be at the center of a new scandal involving the classic scenario; Hello! Project girl caught on camera with unidentifiable male; though this time the unidentifiable male may not be so unidentifiable as it is speculated it is none other than Hey! Say! JUMP member Inou Kei.

    This scandal is currently unconfirmed though in my opinion bares striking resemblance to the Murakami Megumi scandal of 2006. Natsuyaki is a key player in Hello! Project right now however, it will be interesting to see how this develops.

    Check out videos and pictures at Hello! Online.

    • Kenny Yi 9:54 pm on 2008-06-02 Permalink | Reply

      DAMMIT. MAN. God. Freaking scandals are driving me crazy. And they better not give that freaking excuse of “going off to focus on her studies”…

    • Usa-chan 10:38 pm on 2008-06-02 Permalink | Reply

      No! I mean… no! I may not be a huge Miyabi fan, but H!P CANNOT afford another scandal like this right now! No way!

    • DVS 9:50 pm on 2008-06-03 Permalink | Reply

      This is sad. Her are my questions.

      Who took the video?

      Why are they retarded enough to do this outside?

      Why are they moving around like retards? PDA much.

      Seriosuly, you think someone would learn after the previous scandals. I hope it’s not her because she is one of my favorites in H!P, but it does look like her.

    • miyo 6:40 am on 2008-06-05 Permalink | Reply

      seriously! i can’t get enough of this! i like hey!say!jump very much! it pisses me off why they link berryz kobou with them! tell me, was the news about yuto-yurina and yamada-sugaya true too? tell me! please!

      i hope that girl isn’t miyabi….but it really looks like her

    • jack 6:05 pm on 2008-06-05 Permalink | Reply

      This is really wtf. If hp kick miya then berryz going to be interesting story tales.

    • Jeimuzu 4:24 am on 2008-06-08 Permalink | Reply

      This really sucks. I wonder if it’s Miyabi and also as mentioned above…who took the video?! I hope she doesn’t take any heat from this. And if it really is her, I hope she learned how careful she needs to be with her bf in the future if she plans to remain with H!P.


    • noa 6:02 pm on 2008-06-10 Permalink | Reply

      Miyabi’s not the one in trouble, UFA is. Miyabi is a key player in berryz koubou, buono, shuffle groups, concerts, nearly all h!p events. Miyabi is one of the most admired artists in h!p and I do not doubt that if she goes her massive international fan base goes wth her.
      Maybe this is why Tsunku & UFA didn’t dump Risako when her little kiss scandal went public. Without Risako, Airi, Miyabi, Maimi, and Momoko all of the appeal would be gone. I am really not a Risako fan and Yajima is pretty but her voice makes me want to gnaw off my own ears. Apparently that’s what teen bikini hungry wotas want.
      Anyway, I wish Miya the best. She’s a very talented girl and if she’s booted from the Hello! scene she could easily model or carry her singing career somewhere else.

    • jack 10:14 am on 2008-06-16 Permalink | Reply

      shocking!!!! …. but look at those picture closer, at the jacket’s hood. one got fur , other dont. abit supicious , dont u think ? if the scandal is true, then i want to pop that motherF**ker punk… mess with Miyabi

    • Olga 10:56 pm on 2008-09-12 Permalink | Reply

      Well, I don’t understand why it’s such a scandal to kiss someone. Couple’s do it all the time…. and America’s teen actor’s have worse scandals like D.U.I. and nude pics. They aren’t kids anymore…

    • anna 2:33 am on 2008-09-19 Permalink | Reply

      to me i would not believe miyabi would risk her career and go out with a boy..even though it looks like her..but it isnt..people say it looks like inoo kei in heysayjump..his hairstyle is different..
      people say that the jacket miyabi was wearing was showed in the picture..lots of fangirls copy wat the idols wear..

      IF there was a scandal…why is miyabi/berryz kobo still making the album?? FIVE(5)???

      too me im 90% shure..they dont even know each other..people make it up sometimes to get peoples attention..or make the fans think their betraying them..

    • Hana-Megumi 7:01 am on 2008-11-17 Permalink | Reply

      It isn’t INOO! And this STUPID rumours ISN’T TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hana-Megumi 7:02 am on 2008-11-17 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah same here… Agreeing with Anna…the fan people are just JEALOUS!

      This stupid crap rumours are all A LIE!

    • joe 2:17 am on 2009-01-28 Permalink | Reply


    • micki-chan 1:42 am on 2009-02-04 Permalink | Reply

      I heard somewhere that it was proven that Miyabi was not the one in the scandal, it was some other artist. So I’m Happy!

    • jocey 3:50 am on 2009-03-15 Permalink | Reply

      i was happy when i was reading the scandal.
      imean.. im a fan of her and honestly shes my favorite out of hte whole H!P but like… they should be able to have relationships. SERIOUSLY! its like shes not FREE for her own happiness.
      plus- if your a fan of her, shouldn’t you SUPPORT HER? in what she wants to doo? what makes her happy?
      that no-guys rule is messed up.

    • Norika 11:55 am on 2009-08-05 Permalink | Reply

      Man…stupid papz. I’m sure it’s true though for those of you who don’t think it’s Miyabi (but I really don’t think it’s Inoo Kei from Hey! Say! JUMP!; he’s too short lol, I heard it was a boy who went to Miyabis middle school). This explains why Miyabi is currently not lead vocals of Berryz Koubou anymore.

      After the scandal was annouced, Risako with her ‘not-so-good’ singing has replaced Miyabi as lead vocals (first noticed in their MADAYADE song PV; This was the first time Miyabi had less lines to sing in Berryz and Risako stealing her thunder). I would say this is a punishment for Miyabi…. poor Miya-chan. ;( And I don’t think Tsunku would kick Miyabi out of H!P for that! He probably thinks she’s a special member of H!P and that she’s too valuable.

      Although I believe soon she’s gonna start shooting up in the stars again with her pro-singing! ^o^

    • Shiori Watanabe 11:28 pm on 2010-04-04 Permalink | Reply

      I really don’t think those were Miyabi and Inou Kei. Miyabi stands maybe 5″1 and Inoo stands 5″8 but in the video/photos I have seen, the girl and the boy in the video has the same height. Until now I’m still hoping it wasn’t Miyabi. T.T

  • TH!P 2:51 pm on 2007-10-28 Permalink | Reply  

    Goto Maki to graduate from Hello! Project [Update 2] 

    2007 seems to be a pretty bad year for Hello! Project. It has been announced that Hello! Project soloist Goto Maki will graduate from Hello! Project, an exact date has not been given and it’s unknown if she will have a graduation ceremony. The given reason for her graduation is due to her brother’s recent scandal though I have to say that this reason seems a little too easy, it’s more likely Goto simply wants to leave Hello! Project. There have been rumors floating around that Goto is heading to Avex and aims to become a proper pop-star as opposed to a Hello! Project idol. Though these rumors are unfounded.

    This explains the cancellation of Goto’s 18th single and her non-appearance at the Winter 2008 Hello! Project concert.

    I’m rather shocked by Goto’s graduation so soon after her fourth album and slightly concerned that another good act has left Hello! Project.

    [Update 1]

    Hello! Online is reporting that on the final night of her tour Goto has told her fans she is graduating from Hello! Project. Various sources have also confirmed that she will continue singing though not with UFA, on another label.

    [Update 2]

    She’s staying with UFA, not H!P though.


    PS: On my Idol profiles page I’ve moved Maki from the Elder Club to Ex-Hello! Project members and changed her color code to match, I also updated her picture with her presumably last publicity picture from Hello! Project. I also replaced the previous site banner which had contained Maki with a new Nakazawa design.

    • Tifa 4:12 pm on 2007-10-28 Permalink | Reply

      *sigh* 2007 has been the worst year for H!P yet. D:

    • Hotaru 10:37 pm on 2007-10-28 Permalink | Reply

      This has been a terrible year, indeed. I’m not sure what to make of this news, if its even true, or what. But…its not making me happy.

    • Totally Hello! Project 12:00 am on 2007-10-29 Permalink | Reply

      It’s most definitely true Hotaru.

    • Balt 3:03 pm on 2007-10-30 Permalink | Reply

      According to the stories I’ve read, Gocchin herself told those attending her last concert that the concert *was* her graduation; so it seems she’s already performed for the last time as a H!P member and has already graduated.

      What’s interesting is that the announcement that she was to continue to be represented by UFA came a day later, so I’m wondering if Gocchin blindsided Tsunku with this announcement, causing the agency to scramble and make a new deal with her regarding the direction of her career.

      Personally, I trace H!P’s downward spiral with the defection of dance instructor Mayumi Natsu from H!P to AKB48 a year and a half ago – not that it caused the shift, but Natsu-sensei obviously saw something on the horizon. Since then, the Momusu songs have been rather sub-standard, compensating with sleazy custumes and gimmicks like importing girls from China. I wouldn’t be surprised if, this time next hear, AKB48 will be filling Yokahama Arena and Saitima Super Arena while MM is playing the smaller theaters in Tokyo.

    • Michi 4:16 pm on 2007-10-31 Permalink | Reply

      I wouldn’t go that far, Balt. Morning Musume is still selling very well. They hit #1 often. Their tours currently are selling out right away. (I wanted tickets for their December 1st show but was unable to check for tickets until about 2-3 days later… and they were already sold out. Mind you, I didn’t have anything near this problem for my Maki, Nacchi, or Ayaya tour tickets!)

      H!P itself may need to reorganize, but MoMusu is still leading the pack pretty well it seems.

  • TH!P 5:01 pm on 2007-06-01 Permalink | Reply  

    Fujimoto Miki Leaves Morning Musume 

    Following in the footsteps of former Morning Musume leader Yaguchi Mari, Fujimoto Miki has quit Morning Musume with the reason being she has betrayed her position as a member of Morning Musume.

    I’m actually reasonbly shocked by this as I thought in all honesty this scandal was quite minor, especially consdiering Fujimoto’s character. I feel that it’s quite likely she has been asked to resign as opposed to quiting herself, as she seemed very resolute a few days back. Her resignition is as of today (June 1st 07) and Takahashi Ai has taken over as leader with Niigaki as her subleader. I hope Takahashi can last a little longer, Takhashi stated a few days ago she wasn’t ready to be leader though.

    This hasn’t been a good year for Hello! Project so far in terms of scandal.

    Fujimoto will continue in GAM with Matsuura Aya, she won’t however be appearing at the 10th anniversary concert this summer.

    I wonder if Morning Musume’s 34th single will be delayed now, and I’m also very interested in who will get Fujimoto’s many lines.

    • Caroline 3:54 am on 2007-06-02 Permalink | Reply

      Seriously, WTF? She’s 22; the fans need to grow up sometime.

    • hydralisk 8:22 am on 2007-06-02 Permalink | Reply

      The fans could care less how old she is or what she’s doing. The Miki fans, I mean. But yes, she was too old to be in MM any more. It’s all for the best.

  • TH!P 8:56 pm on 2007-05-08 Permalink | Reply  

    UFA Make it Official 

    There is now a notice on the Hello! Project website about Tsuji Nozomi’s marriage and pregnancy, I’ve translated the article but realised that it’s already been done…twice so you’ll have probably read that else where. Instead…I’ll give my opinion on the situation (Woo for you).

    In short, I think UFA and Hello! Project are dealing with this whole “incident” very well. In fact, a little too well. I think it’s most likely been negotiated that Tsuji will part from Hello! Project on good terms and thus not harm any possible future works, which are unlikely now I have to say. Although it has not been announced she is leaving, she won’t be performing pregnant will she? Plus, stress isn’t good for the child in the womb, or so I hear.

    I think it would be nice if Tsuji and Hello! Project parted ways nicely, but I very much doubt UFA are “happy for her.” On the contrary, I suspect they’re pretty peeved, what with Tsuji’s solo single just about to be released and her role in an anime just starting. Sure they can replace her, but that usually doesn’t happen in Japanese anime, at least not permanently and so quickly.

    I’m pretty sad to see Gyaruru become Gyagonegone. I think they’d have made a nice little unit, even if for only one single. I don’t know if they’ll replace Tsuji, I doubt it somehow. Maybe they’ll still release the single though…maybe.

    Anyway before this becomes even more non-sensical, I’m going to stop writing. I almost promise that the next post won’t be about Tsuji. Unless she’s having triplets or something.

    • Cathy 12:33 am on 2007-05-09 Permalink | Reply

      This is really, really, really surprising to hear.
      I didn’t believe it at first!
      I support her though…:D
      I bet her baby will be really cute ^^;

    • Max 1:34 am on 2007-09-18 Permalink | Reply

      whatever happened to the rumour of her returning to H!P after her baby’s born? She said she plans to return and that UFA doesn’t have a problem with her coming back. We just have to wait about a year to find out x3

    • Puffy Love 5:26 am on 2008-01-10 Permalink | Reply

      Aibon turns 20 in a month. If Nono decides not to return to UFA, she would be free to reunite with Aibon……….where she truly belongs! I’d be surprised that management/talent agencies wouldn’t jump at the chance to reunite them. Sine they put out two wonderful discs as ‘W’ isn’t it unreasonable to think it wouldn’t sell?

      Personally, I’d like to see them return in a more mature setting………..as indie rock chicks like Puffy!

  • TH!P 10:07 am on 2007-05-08 Permalink | Reply  

    Tsuji Nozomi Pregnant and soon to be married! (2 Updates) 

    Wow! That’s all I can say to this news. I’d like to say I’m surprised but really I’m not too much, what one of the two-top do the other does. I’m not sure how this will affect Gyaruru and her new solo career, but I have a feeling she can’t be a full time idol as well as a mother. I think Tsuji fans will take this very hard, especially after Kago Ai being removed from UFA. The father is supposdly Sugiura Takayasu of ULTRAMAN fame.

    The News Report

    Update 1: According to FujiTV, UFA have confirmed Tsuji’s upcoming marriage but have yet to confirm the pregnancy.

    Update 2: According to Hello! Online, Tsuji is ceasing her showbusiness activities as she needs “peace.”

  • TH!P 2:31 pm on 2007-03-26 Permalink | Reply  

    Sayonara Kago Ai 

    Well it’s official, Kago Ai won’t be coming back to Hello! Project her contract with UFA has been terminated after the second scandal which has been confirmed as true. I think the fact that this scandal is true is evidence enough that Kago doesn’t really want to be an idol or member of Hello! Project anymore. I’m disappointed I’ll admit, I don’t see how Tsuji can work as a soloist right now. I like Tsuji, but I mainly liked her as a member of W…

    I can’t seem to properly access the Hello! Project site right now, maybe it’s flooded with visitors, or maybe they’re removing W’s artist page? Or maybe my computer isn’t working properly… Edit: I can get on now but it’s still going very slowly, I wonder when they’ll take down W’s artist page, or at least update it with a solo picture of Tsuji.

    The statement from UFA.

    The translated statement from Hello! Online

    • Jay 5:07 am on 2007-03-27 Permalink | Reply

      I started crying upon reading the official article. I had FINALLY grown to appreciate her and not see her as an annoying brat anymore (as I still see Tsuji as) but as a very talented performer. She had pure talent, and it showed in Tanpopo and on early H!M episodes. If she ever has another career again, which I really hope for, yet realistically doubt, I hope she can let her true talent come out.

      Goodbye, Aibon.

    • Meliah 11:08 am on 2007-03-27 Permalink | Reply

      Jeez, they are so hard on her.
      She was great and they let her go because of something so small.

    • Totally Hello! Project 12:09 pm on 2007-03-27 Permalink | Reply

      I’m not really sure this is something small, sure I don’t think it requires her dismissal but sleeping with a man eighteen years her senior isn’t quite the message UFA want to send out to W’s fans, of which many were young. Also, it’s quite apparent that Kago didn’t really want to remain with UFA anymore, if she really, strongly did, this would not have happened.

    • gandalf mantooth 4:13 pm on 2007-05-23 Permalink | Reply

      Most fans of any TSunku project are single adult males.

    • Totally Hello! Project 5:34 pm on 2007-05-23 Permalink | Reply

      I think most is an exageration, however I do see your point.

      Still, “most” of these adult males don’t end up sleeping with any of the girls.

      What’s more the established image that had been created by/for Kago added to the shock.

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