C-ute October 2009

C-ute October 2009

Group Name: ℃-ute
Years Active: 2005 – Present
Age Range: 13 – 18

C-ute was formed from the members of Hello! Project Kids who were not chosen to be members of Berryz Koubou, the group was officially announced by Tsunku on 2005-06-11.

Hello! Pro Egg member Arihara Kanna was added to the group in January 2006 and made her concert debut later that year. In 2006 the group release four indie singles which were sold at concerts, events and through the Hello! Project store. The group released an album on the zetima label later that year and in 2007 made their official debut.

The group has became one of Hello! Project’s “big-three” along with Morning Musume and Berryz Koubou. Their singles consistently sell well and their concerts are often sell-outs.

After five months of hiatus due to medical problems it was announced in June 2009 that Arihara Kanna would be leaving both C-ute and Hello! Project to return to a normal life. Only a month later Umeda Erika announced during the Hello! Project Summer Tour that she planned to graduate from both C-ute and Hello! Project in October 2009.

Current Members:

  • 矢島舞美 (Yajima Maimi)
  • 鈴木愛理 (Suzuki Airi)
  • 岡井千聖 (Okai Chisato)
  • 中島早貴 (Nakajima Saki)
  • 萩原舞 (Hagiwara Mai)

Former Members:

  • 村上愛 (Murakami Megumi) (2006-11-01)
  • 有原栞菜 (Arihara Kanna) (2009-07-09)
  • 梅田えりか (Umeda Erika) (2009-10-29)