Group Name: モーニング娘。(Morning Musume; Morning Girls)
Years Active: 1997 – Present
Age Range: 12 – 23

Morning Musume is at the forefront of Hello! Project as the lead group and indeed group with the longest and most colorful history. Formed in 1997 through the talent program AYASAN, Morning Musume has became a staple of Japanese pop music and has sold close to 20,000,000 copies in Japan alone.

Morning Musume were discovered through auditions to find a female vocalist for producer Tsunku’s group Sharan Q. Although the girls that would eventually form Morning Musume were not the winners of the audition they rose to popularity faster and to a far greater extent than the winner, Heike Michiyo.

As early as a few months after the group’s forming it became clear that Morning Musume would not stay a five-member group as members were added and other members left on a yearly basis. Each “generation” of members offered something to unique to the group and to this day Morning Musume remains fresh in it’s musical style and sound thanks to the ever changing face of the group.

Current Members:

Previous Members: