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  • TH!P 12:44 pm on 2010-12-07 Permalink | Reply  

    First Week Sales for “Aitai Lonely Christmas” 

    C-ute’s 14th single, Aitai Lonely Christmas, has sold 23,682 copies in it’s first week of sales – an improvement over their last two singles. I think the single is alright, you can see for yourself by watching the PV on the right! It ranked at #6 in the Oricon charts.

  • TH!P 11:54 pm on 2010-02-17 Permalink | Reply  

    Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai – First Week Sales 

    Morning Musume’s 42nd single, Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai, has ranked at #5 in the Oricon Weekly Charts with sales of 36,169. These sales aren’t too awful, they could be better though it’s roughly the same as Kimagure Princess’s first week.

    In non-Hello! Project news, I was quite surprised to see that BoA’s latest album, IDENTITY, only charted at #4 in it’s first week sales of 37,606. She’s ranked beneath Koda Kumi’s new album which is in it’s 2nd week, is BoA’s popularity really waning that much?

    • crossroade 12:44 pm on 2010-03-12 Permalink | Reply

      Go Morning Musume!

      Btw, I saw that there’s a free giveaway of Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai CD single over at tokyofied.com !!

  • TH!P 12:31 am on 2009-12-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Oricon Top Singles of 2009 

    Oricon has released the figures for the top 200 selling singles of 2009, records are kept from 2008-12-22 – 2009-12-14. Below I’ll include the singles of relevance but you can see the full list here.

    #22: AKB48 – RIVER (2009-10-21) (214,449)
    #39: AKB48 – Namida Surprise! (2009-06-24) (145,503)
    #46: Friends & Hexagon All Stars Naitemo ii Desu ka (2009-07-15) (114,858)
    #47: AKB48 – Iiwake Maybe (2009-08-26) (113,502)
    #53: AKB48 – 10nen Zakura (2009-03-04) (106,975)
    #82: Morning Musume – Nanchatte Renai (2009-08-12) (70,299)
    #108: Morning Musume – Shouganai Yume Oibito (2009-05-13) (53,950)
    #121: Morning Musume – Naichau Kamo (2009-02-18) (50,313)
    #134: Minami Akina no Super Mild Seven / Satoda Mai with Goda Kazoku – I Believe ~Yume wo Kanaeru Mahou no Kotoba~ / Don’t Leave Me (2009-06-17) (47,798)
    #142: Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess (2009-10-28) (45,241)
    #144: Satoda Mai with Goda Kazoku – Bye Bye (2009-01-14) (45,052)
    #155: AKBIdoling!!! – Chu Shiyouze! (2009-04-01) (41,058)
    #185: Berryz Koubou – Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama / Ryuusei Boy (2009-11-11) (34,861)
    #186: Berryz Koubou – Seishun Bus Guide / Rival (2009-06-03) (34,589)
    #187: Yaguchi Mari / Air Band – Seishun Boku / Seishun Ore (2009-03-25) (34,354)
    #192: C-ute – Shochuu Omimai Mochiagemasu (2009-07-01) (33,613)

    • rasune7 5:28 am on 2009-12-14 Permalink | Reply

      hmm i don’t know if this is shocking or not. i’m gonna go with not. to me it feels like everyone is in a slump tho.

    • 亚当 10:58 am on 2009-12-14 Permalink | Reply

      To be honest I think Morning Musume were lucky to get a single in the Top 100.

    • jeffycue 10:08 am on 2009-12-15 Permalink | Reply

      WHOA! AKB killed Momusu. argh…

      I have downloaded all of AKB’s singles but i don’t know.. they haven’t grown on me. my friend said when she visited japan, AKB is really big. advertisments everywhere and wotas getting in line for AKB merchandise. oh well… no more love for MoMusu? huhuhuhu! 2009 is definitely AKB’s year.

      i hope MoMusu’s future will be brighter.

    • AKB484ever 2:50 pm on 2009-12-15 Permalink | Reply

      Why can’t people realize that H!P is dying out, AKB48 is taking over the female idol groups

    • 亚当 6:53 pm on 2009-12-15 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, AKB is really big in Japan, they have adverts all over here.

      Going to Akihabara is also quite something, Morning Musume have no district to call their own!

    • Piper G 2:34 am on 2009-12-22 Permalink | Reply

      H!P isn’t dying out. Momusu has more than doubled last year’s sales total. Berryz released their second and third best-selling singles of their entire existence. C-ute’s sales have been fairly stable throughout the year despite the lineup changes, and Manoeri sold over 100K copies in her debut year. S/mileage is also on the horizon. I think the fact that they’ve got significant competition is a good thing because it forces them to up their game a bit plus they gain exposure just by the fact that they’re competing.

      Yes, AKB is on top of the world right now. Their new label has been good to them promotionally and they have released a few common-interest singles this year (a graduation song and a birthday song) that were pretty much guaranteed sales as long as they got airtime. However, they have a lot to live up to with their next single release musically. That’s the problem with having a really good song like RIVER – it becomes a yardstick against which all other singles are compared. I am also concerned about some of Aki-P’s recent choices.

      If H!P can weather this year I think they’ll be around for a long time to come. They’ve been trying some new and interesting things and I am interested in seeing what happens in 2010.

    • chinami 10:13 am on 2009-12-24 Permalink | Reply

      woo hoo! berryz outsold c-ute yes!!!

    • can i have momoko for xmas please..xx 4:49 pm on 2009-12-27 Permalink | Reply

      i feel all of the groups/bands will do better in the charts if they all just slow down alittle, they seem to flood the market with with new singles, with each group having a new one every 8-12 weeks.

      6 groups, 1 new single every 3 months = one new single every other week….. as much as i like alot of the music, i feel it is just to much

      p.s, i was disapointed not to find momoko in my stocking this x-mas…..

  • TH!P 12:29 pm on 2009-08-26 Permalink | Reply  

    1st Day Sales for Iiwake Maybe 


    AKB48 have done it again, the first day sales for their newest single, Iiwake Maybe is 57,456 and it’s ranked at #1 around 20,000 copies above SMAP! That’s some pretty impressive figures!

    I don’t really understand the great attraction of the single as it sounds like just about everything else they’ve released lately, it’s a fairly decent single overall and I like the c/w better!

    This could potentially be AKB48’s first weekly #1!

    • Ida 3:42 pm on 2009-08-26 Permalink | Reply

      yay! go AKB ^^

    • akb48fan 7:45 pm on 2009-08-27 Permalink | Reply

      I really hope they get to no.1 but SMAP are catching up fast after the 2nd day sales.

    • Hipkiss 5:42 pm on 2009-10-04 Permalink | Reply

      I like AKB48 as their new song, 2.I hope they get to no.1

  • TH!P 7:59 pm on 2009-08-25 Permalink | Reply  

    2nd Week Sales for Nanchatte Renai 



    Morning Musume’s 40th single Nanchatte Renai #12 in the Oricon Weekly Charts with sales of 11,271 – the highest second week sales since 女子かしまし物語 (Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari) in 2004!

    This brings Nanchatte Renai’s total sales figures to 66,244 and it charted at #10 today so it’s most likely gonna sell a little bit more in it’s 3rd week! Let’s hope for 70,000!! Shows what some promotion can achieve eh?

    • Batuka 11:34 pm on 2009-08-25 Permalink | Reply

      I say 3 words: promotion, promotion, and promotion.

    • Caroline 5:08 pm on 2009-08-26 Permalink | Reply

      It’s also very catchy! I kept walking around murmuring “なんちゃって” until my husband asked me why!

  • TH!P 11:07 am on 2009-08-18 Permalink | Reply  

    First Week Sales for Nanchatte Renai 


    Morning Musume’s 40th single, Nanchatte Renai, has charted at #2 this week with sales of 54,973 – their best first week since Iroppoi Jirettai in 2005! Let’s hope they reach at least 60,000!

    • Batuka 5:46 pm on 2009-08-18 Permalink | Reply

      4th Day 1445? No way!
      The corret sales: 56973?

    • 亜田夢 6:34 pm on 2009-08-18 Permalink | Reply

      ^ It’s a new week now I’m pretty sure, Oricon runs Tues – Wed.

    • Jay 8:29 pm on 2009-08-18 Permalink | Reply

      With the way they’re promoting this single, I think they’ll be able to reach and surpass that. It’s great that they’re really starting to promote their singles more. Maybe they’ll begin pulling in a younger, female audience soon. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

    • Eriko-chan 8:55 pm on 2009-08-19 Permalink | Reply

      yay!!!they may not have gotten #1*(stupid Ayumi)* but still #2 aint bad at all! Its soo good too see them charting high again and with there sales this high hopefully now they know with the next single that they can get there sales up even higher.

    • Max 4:24 am on 2009-08-20 Permalink | Reply

      looks like they passed up Kanashimi Twilight like you hoped :D I’m not surprised they didn’t get #1, but I’m very surprised by the sales :O No doubt a good portion of that is the Western fans who bought through HMV Japan and amazon. xD I hope their next single sells even better! Maybe they can get another gold record?

  • TH!P 5:26 pm on 2009-08-13 Permalink | Reply  

    First Two Days of Sales for Nanchatte Renai 


    In it’s first two days of sales Morning Musume’s 40th single, Nanchatte Renai, has sold 34,247 copies and charted at No.2 both days just behind Hamasaki Ayumi, today only about 2,000 copies behind!

    Let’s hope they stay at No.2 for the rest of the week – there’s a decent ammount of promotion going on, maybe this will top Kanashimi Twilight…?

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