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  • TH!P 8:40 pm on 2009-01-10 Permalink | Reply  

    News Roundup 

    Recent Releases


    • Ice Creamusume 1st Zui Bang! (Debut Mini-Album) (Taiwan Release)
    • MilkyWay / SHIPSKirarin Revolution 3rd Tour Stage 3 (Anime DVD)

    Ice Creamusme released their debut album, 1st Zui Bang! in Taiwan yesterday and after an initial listen I must say I really like it! Strictly speaking there is only one new track, their debut song for which their is a PV. There are three Morning Musume covers and the Ame no Furenai… song that was originally performed in concert and mostly in Japanese. There voices aren’t amazing but far from awful, quite endearing really.

    Tomorrow (2009-01-11) Canary Club member Sugiura Riho (Rippon) will graduate from the group and TNX to focus on her studies apparently, this has been known for a few months and as I’m not too familiar with the group I’m not sure what effect her graduation will have. Best of luck to her anyway!

    On the right you will notice the PVs for Kusumi Koharu’s Hapi Hapi Sunday and Buono!’s co.no.mi.chi have been released. Koharu’s single isn’t as bad as Papancake and I really like Buono!’s new single, the PV is pretty nice too.

  • TH!P 11:01 am on 2008-08-16 Permalink | Reply  

    Ogamana to debut solo 

    Canary Club member Ogamana (Ogawa Mana) is to release her debut solo single Suppin Rock on 2008-11-19. The single will serve as the opening to an anime while Hirono will provide the ending. Both singles will be produced by Tsunku.

    I’m not completely surprised by this debut as Ogamana gets a lot of lines and screen time in Canary Club as well as already having had a few solo songs on their album and singles.

    • Kenny Yi 12:37 pm on 2008-08-16 Permalink | Reply

      I love this girl’s voice to death ._.

    • Jeimuzu 7:40 am on 2008-08-20 Permalink | Reply

      Is Ogamana a lead vocalist in Canary Club?

    • 亜田無 9:09 pm on 2008-08-22 Permalink | Reply

      Yep, she has a fair majority of the lines.

  • TH!P 8:03 pm on 2008-08-15 Permalink | Reply  

    Canary Club Single V Clips 1 

    Canary Club will release their first PV compilation on 2008-09-10 on the Good Factory Record Label, the tracklist is below;


    2. Seishun Banzai!
    3. FAITH!
    4. Nishiki Kazare
    5. Hitomi ga Kirakirara

    Special Content

    1. SWEET&TOUGHNESS (Close-up Ver.)
    2. Yume wo Shinjite (PV)
    3. Dounika Shite (PV)
    4. Seishun Banzai! (Close-up Ver.)
    5. Seishun Banzai! (Dance Ver.)
    6. FAITH! (Close-up Ver.)
    7. FAITH! (Dance Ver.)
    8. Nishiki Kazare (Close-up Ver.)
    9. Nishiki Kazare (Dance Ver.)
    10. Nishiki Kazare (Making-of)
    11. Hitomi ga Kirakirara (Close-up Ver.)
    12. Hitomi ga Kirakirara (Dance Ver.)
    13. Hitomi ga Kirakirara (Making-of)


    1. Nishiki Kazare (Captioned)
    2. Hitomo ga Kirakirara (Captioned)
    • Jeimuzu 7:39 am on 2008-08-20 Permalink | Reply

      This could be cool. I never got into anything AKB related, but this might be fun to have. (*∩-∩*) Thanks for the information.

  • TH!P 12:43 am on 2008-07-16 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Releases (2008-07-16) 


    • Kusumi KoharuPapancake (5th Single)
    • Berryz Koubou / C-ute – Berryz Koubou & °C-ute Nakayoshi Battle Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Berryz Kamen vs. Cutie Ranger~ with ºBerryz Koubou Tracks (Concert DVD)
    • Canary ClubHitomi ga Kirakirara (5th Single)

    I don’t like Papancake at all but I find the C/W, Oh! Tomodachi, a lot more bearable and could even grow to like it. Berryz Koubou and C-ute’s joint concert release looks to be pretty fantastic from the brief clips I’ve seen online, I’d make a purchase but I’d rather buy music than a concert DVD, they’re awfully expensive aren’t they?!

    And for the first time I can happily say I really like Canary Club’s new single from what I’ve heard of the previews, I’ve not heard the full song yet but I most definitely am eager to and an Ogamana C/W is something else to look forward to, I loved her album solo.

    • Kenny Yi 4:15 pm on 2008-07-17 Permalink | Reply

      I like Canaria’s new single, but not enough for me to want to listen to it.

      Mrah. I still wanna hear the c/w track though, Mana’s voice is really something.

    • good-kati 5:58 pm on 2008-07-20 Permalink | Reply

      i love the new canary club single^^
      i will the mp3 song .___.

  • TH!P 10:14 pm on 2008-03-21 Permalink | Reply  

    Nishiki Kazare PV Preivew 

    Kokuchi-Ch, TNX’s answer to Dohhh Up! has recently uploaded a preview clip of Canaria Club’s upcoming 4th single PV. I rather like the song, which is a first from Canaria Club and the PV looks a little higher budget than last time round. It’s not all a blank set at least anyway.

    The girls are looking a lot cuter than they did at debut and I’m glad they’ve ditched the “uniforms” they wore for their first couple of singles.

    Their 4th single Nishiki Kazare will be released on the Good Factory Record label on 2008-0409 and the tracklist will be as follows;

    1. Nishiki Kazare
    2. HAPPY ya naa!
    3. Nishiki Kazare (Instrumental)
    4. HAPPY ya naa!
    • nozomi 1:41 pm on 2008-03-22 Permalink | Reply

      that sounds like a cute song,and the video looks cute as well.

    • Miu Tomoe 2:58 pm on 2008-03-22 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Site Owner….Could you send me an email?
      I have an important thing that just happened to me and I was hoping you culd help me out with it.
      I’ve been trying to get in contact with you for time.

    • tom 12:13 am on 2008-03-23 Permalink | Reply

      the pv is on youtube already.

  • TH!P 12:48 am on 2008-02-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Releases (2008-02-06) 


    • Buono!Renai Rider (2nd Single) (Limited with DVD)
    • Ongaku Gatas1st GOODSAL (1st Album) (Limited with DVD)
    • Abe NatsumiAbe Natsumi Special Live 2007 Aki ~Acoustic Nacchi~ (Concert DVD)
    • Abe Natsumi & Yajima Maimi16sai Koi no Nante Single V (1st Single V)
    • Canary ClubFAITH! (4th Single V)
    • Sugaya RisakoRing3 ~Rin Rin Rin!~ (3rd Photobook) (With DVD)
    • Buono!’s Renai Rider is a pretty good quality single. Considering I’m dubious about most Hello! Project Kids releases that’s a compliment.

    I was really looking forward to Ongaku Gatas’ first album but I have to say I’m not overly impressed, I’ve only had a quick listen through but I can’t say I love any of the tracks, don’t really hate anything either, just hoped for more. It’s available for download on their page so you can hear for yourself.

    Abe Natsumi’s acoustic concert is pretty good I imagine and probably worth checking out, the previews were pretty good.

    Other than that we have two Single Vs and a photobook featuring Sugaya Risako, can’t comment of the photobook, not a huge fan of the recent influx of “young” photobooks.

    • kiokiou 1:09 am on 2008-02-06 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with your response to Risako Sugaya’s photobook. I really wish she would wait to make her pbs, her last pb was really…only gravure. I mean the other members(Saki, Chinami, Maasa) haven’t even gotten their pbs yet and they’re all about 16! Ugh…

    • helloprojectfantasy 8:39 pm on 2008-02-06 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with you on ongaku gata’s album…its not really that good. Apart from their 2 major singles the rest of the songs are kind of boring. Maybe if they had a PV to go with them then that might make them a bit more interesting lol

    • bluesakura 4:50 am on 2008-02-10 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with you I really liked the renai rider single, is quite good, and i enjoy it even tough i’m not a really big fan of the lead singers in both hello kids groups, and that brings me to, whyyyyyy, too much pb’s, i want a chinami pb for once at least, give the rest a chance.

      I think its too soon for an album both ongaku gatas and buono, that’s my point of view

      great site<3

  • TH!P 12:25 am on 2008-01-01 Permalink | Reply  

    Happy New Year! 

    It’s not long gone midnight here in Europe, hope everyone has a good new year and continues to visit Totally Hello! Project. Although the New Year arrived a little while ago in Japan, here is today’s releases;

    • Canary ClubFAITH! (3rd Single)
    • AKB48Set List ~Greatest Songs 2006-2007~ (1st Studio Album) (Limited with DVD)


    I’ve picked up AKB48’s 1st studio album and am looking forward to it’s arrival, though I only ordered it last night. Canary Club’s 3rd single isn’t bad and once I get a copy of the full single, you’ll see it up on this website!

    By the way, the site had 341,790 visits in 2007, thanks!

    • kindasexy8beat 7:12 am on 2008-01-01 Permalink | Reply

      here’s to hopefully a scandal free H!P year! (^_^ )

      …now to wait for Chinese New Year…$$$

    • helloprojectfantasy 1:13 pm on 2008-01-01 Permalink | Reply

      hope you have a happy new year too! =D
      also i see that it is nearly a 1 year anniversary of this site xD


    • Krish 1:39 pm on 2008-01-01 Permalink | Reply

      Oh! I can’t wait for new albums to come out! Hopefully some viyuuden and GAM!! Hello Project Concert tour is on the 8th am i right? I really want to go… T_T

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