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  • Jay 12:07 pm on 2010-12-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Morning Musume OG Concert Tour Announced 

    Big news for all the fans of the Morning Musume OG.   It’s been announced that the members of the OG/M-Line will be having a concert tour throughout Japan.  The name of concert will be “Dream Morning Musume。Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai 〜Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei〜”.  All members of the OG are hopefully going to be performing with the exceptions of Konno Asami due to her broadcasting job. There will be a total of  8 concerts in the tour.  The final show of this event is expected on May 29 2011.

    This is huge news.  In fact, this is the first OG Concert Tour since the Elder Club Graduated from H!P.  I can’t wait to hear more about this upcoming concert.

    • Alita 8:15 am on 2010-12-16 Permalink | Reply

      Tsuji Nozomi is listed to perform in the tour. Konno isn’t because she is most likely leaving UFA as per the indication of several Memorial Fanclub goods.

    • Adam 7:16 pm on 2010-12-16 Permalink | Reply

      Yup, it seems Tsuji will be able to perform, she’s gonna have to recover from her pregnancy quick though! I love Tsuji, so yay.

      As for Konno, I assume she has training to do for her newscaster position on NHK.

  • TH!P 10:28 am on 2009-03-31 Permalink | Reply  

    First Week Sales for Yaguchi 


    Yaguchi Mari’s debut single after four years of not recording anything has managed to chart at No.6 in the Oricon Weekly Charts with sales of 19,928. The single is likely to sell decently in the coming weeks as Hexagon singles usually have a longer shelf life than that of Hello! Project releases. Well done Mari! Let’s hope she has more releases!

  • TH!P 11:48 pm on 2009-02-11 Permalink | Reply  

    Cover for Seishun Boku 


    Aboce you can see the cover for Yaguchi Mari’s debut single, Seishun Boku. Unlike I had originally thought the a-side will be sung completely by Mari while the b-side, Seishun Ore, will be sung by Airband!

    I’m so excited for this single – it will be released March 25th!

    • Nozofan 10:11 pm on 2009-02-12 Permalink | Reply

      I’m so happy for her !!! ~ I hope it will be good ! ~

    • Kuji 1:15 am on 2009-02-13 Permalink | Reply

      Yay, Yaguchi is back!

    • Sozomusume 10:38 pm on 2009-02-13 Permalink | Reply

      Yay, finally Yaguchi-san is comming out with her own single! I’m so excited!!!1

    • Kelli 12:22 am on 2009-02-19 Permalink | Reply

      I just wanted to tell you that morning musume is going to perform live in july in the usa at Anime-Expo!! Woot!

    • Kim 8:45 am on 2009-06-30 Permalink | Reply

      YESSSS!!! I love her, and she’s so funny.

  • TH!P 3:35 pm on 2009-01-23 Permalink | Reply  

    Yaguchi Mari to release colloboration single! 

    Hello! Project soloist Yaguchi Mari is to release her first musical project since leaving Morning Musume in 2005 this March 2009! Her first single, which as of yet is untitled, is a duet with Airband who are members of the Hexagon family, who brought us Pabo, Aladdin, Shuchshin and Satoda Mai’s solo works. This is pretty big news as Yaguchi is still a relatively popular variety idol and the only Hello! Project member with her own TV show. The news came as a massive shock to nearly everyone and people all over J-pop forums are going pretty crazy! I appologize for this news being a little late – dealing with Japanese university applications is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever done!

  • TH!P 11:38 pm on 2008-09-17 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Releases (2008-09-17) 


    • Tanaka Reina Onegai My Melody Kirara☆ Melody 2 (Anime DVD)
    • Yaguchi MariKasupe! Tosochu 3 ~run for money~ (Variety DVD)
    • v-u-denv-u-den Concert Tour 2008 Shoka Biyudensetsu V ~Saishuu Densetsu~ (Concert DVD)
    • THE PossibleKyuukyoku no The Possible Best Number Shou 1 (2nd Album)
    • Berryz KoubouDschinghis Khan Tartar Mix (1st Remix Single)

    Quite a full set of releases today; It’s probably the last time v-u-den will have a release as a group (apart from a fanclub DVD which might be coming up). Their last concert DVD looks pretty special with a good set-list and a pretty cool extras disc. Berryz Koubou’s remix single is pretty well done, it ranked at #12 in it’s first day of sales. I’m looking forward to hearing the Kaze no Uwasa remix and the new track on THE Possible’s album but other than that it’s just a compilation of their releases up until this point.

    Update: v-u-den’s DVD ranked at #5 today.

  • TH!P 3:12 pm on 2008-06-26 Permalink | Reply  

    Finally! New Yaguchi Mari Artist Picture…& Kusumi Koharu. 

    The Hello! Project website has finally given Yaguchi Mari a new profile picture, the one they had up before was from 2005! About time! I wonder if this hints at a new project for Yaguchi? I hope so but I wouldn’t place money on it.

    They’ve also uploaded a new profile picture for Kusumi Koharu’s new single Papancake. The dress is a bit fugly in my opinion.

    • Nozofan 6:20 pm on 2008-06-26 Permalink | Reply

      I hope Mary have a new project too.
      And I don’t really know if I like or not Koharu’s dress.

    • Mierna 5:16 am on 2008-06-27 Permalink | Reply

      Koharu’s dress is plain BEAUTIFUL. You’re just too biased because you don’t like her. <_<


    • andy 6:07 am on 2008-06-27 Permalink | Reply

      i think its the lipstick o.o, omg yaguchi’s eyes are so gorgeous, she looks like an anime XD

    • Hapichan 8:01 am on 2008-06-27 Permalink | Reply

      =D I really like koharu’s dress too, I think it’s super cute <3 It looks very fairy like in my opinion o_o

      And Mari looks amazing, it’d be great if she got a new project… it’d be about time

    • 亜田無 8:47 am on 2008-06-27 Permalink | Reply

      @ ~Mierna;

      I don’t dislike Koharu, I do however dislike the dress, mainly the top bit, it looks a bit like leather medieval armor.

    • Gemma 1:41 pm on 2008-06-28 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, koharu’s dress is a bit weird.. but she still looks cute in it xD

      as for mari.. she looks stunning! Her eyes are so big =]

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