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  • TH!P 8:45 pm on 2008-12-04 Permalink | Reply  

    SHIPS 2nd Single Diaster 

    Recently formed idol duo SHIPS 2nd single Kimi ga Iru has sold rather diastrously selling only 790 copies in it’s first two weeks on sale. That’s pretty appaling! I feel bad for the guys as the single isn’t bad at all and has a better PV than their first. I suppose lack of promotion is something to do with the extremely low sales but even then they do appear on Oha Star quite a lot.

    The single peaked at #140 in the Oricon Charts for those interested.

    • Kenny Yi 9:30 pm on 2008-12-04 Permalink | Reply

      I figured that boy groups were doing too well. I’m glad that they got low sales, which sounds really jackassy but I don’t think the boy bands deserve all of the hype they get.

    • Nozofan 10:40 pm on 2008-12-04 Permalink | Reply

      Aww, I feel bad for them!

    • Tricia 11:11 pm on 2008-12-04 Permalink | Reply

      wow that sucks!

    • Max 12:03 am on 2008-12-05 Permalink | Reply

      @Kenny Yi: SHIPS gets almost no hype or promotion.

      They’re produced by UFA, not Johnny’s, so they don’t automatically sell >100,000 copies in the first week, and the fact that they get like 2 minutes on air is no help xD

    • Strawberrie 3:34 am on 2008-12-05 Permalink | Reply

      I kinda wish SHIPS was produce by Johnny. UFA is not really good when it comes to promotion (in my opinion). But the boys could be selling better if it happen at the start of the anime.

    • kumacy 5:50 am on 2008-12-05 Permalink | Reply

      i agree with u
      i hope this group will move to JE
      because they have a talent to do more than this

    • blackmager 7:02 am on 2008-12-05 Permalink | Reply

      Holy fudge.
      A male group that isn’t successful.

    • 亜田無 11:57 am on 2008-12-05 Permalink | Reply

      They won’t move to JE, they don’t really have the talent to pull of being a duo in Johnny’s and that’s saying quite a lot.

    • blackmager 8:00 am on 2008-12-06 Permalink | Reply

      That’s very little talent then huh?

    • MisA 1:35 am on 2008-12-08 Permalink | Reply

      didn’t even know this was coming out.

    • 亜田夢 2:28 pm on 2008-12-08 Permalink | Reply

      It was so under-promoted in Japan that it barely made ripples. The main problem in my eyes with SHIPS is that they are a concept group based entirely on characters from Kirarin Revolution.

      Back on the first Kirarin Revolution Song Collection 1 mini-album the original SHIPS (different voice actors, hence different singers) had a lot more plausibility as singers however they weren’t the correct age for an idol group and indeed not the approximate age of the anime characters and thus were axed in favor of younger, prettier albeit less talented singers.

    • unico 1:03 pm on 2009-01-09 Permalink | Reply

      wow, talk about a b*tch slap.

      the fact that they sound horrible live, doesn’t really help them.

  • TH!P 12:15 am on 2008-10-05 Permalink | Reply  

    New Single for SHIPS (2008-11-26) 

    Kirarin Revolution duo SHIPS have a new single due out 2008-11-26. I liked their last single and despite their low sales figures I think they deserve another, let’s hope this is promoted a little better and perhaps sells some more copies! The title is currently unknown, I’ll update the release dates page when it becomes known.

  • TH!P 10:32 pm on 2008-08-27 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Releases (2008-08-27) 


    • Niigaki RisaRobby to Kerobby Vol.12 (Anime DVD)
    • C-uteEdo no Temari Uta II (6th Single V)
    • Kusumi Koharu / MilkyWay / SHIPS Kirarin☆Revolution Song Selection 4 (4th Anime Album)
    • Abe NatsumiEnd of Summer (9th Photobook with Making-Of DVD)

    Nacchi releases her 9th photobook today, from the previews I’ve seen it looks pretty awesome! I’m also (uncharacteristically) excited about the Kirarin album as it has solo versions of MilkyWay’s single, which means a Kikkawa solo version of Anataboshi! SHIPS single is also on there for those of you who missed it, it was pretty good!

  • TH!P 12:46 am on 2008-06-25 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Releases (2008-06-25) 


    • High-King C/C (Cinderella Complex) (1st Single V)
    • Suzuki AiriºC-ute Suzuki Airi in Okinawa AIRI’S CLASSIC (DVD)
    • Niigaki RisaRobby to Kerobby Vol.10 (Anime DVD)

    Quite a few releases today. Pictured above we have the covers for High-King’s Single V, C\C (Cinderella\Complex) and SHIPS‘ debut single TOKYO FRIEND*SHIPS. I really like both of these singles and as a side note High King’s single ranked at #44 in it’s second week of sales with 2,232 sales making a total of 30,037 sales so far.

    Suzuki Airi’s DVD release is an odd one. It features her playing golf basically, her father is a semi-famous golfer I believe so there you go.

    Niigaki’s is an anime release of her now defunct Robby to Kerobby, bring back Tsuji I say…~

  • TH!P 1:30 am on 2008-06-20 Permalink | Reply  


    The PV to SHIPS debut single can now be seen on Dohhh UP! Surprisingly I really like and am considering buying it.

    • Dee 4:04 pm on 2008-06-20 Permalink | Reply

      It sounds okay, but I don’t like the shiny coats, gloves, and pants. I don’t like the scarves either.

      Where they wearing pajamas while with the ties?

    • Dee 4:05 pm on 2008-06-20 Permalink | Reply

      Oh, my bad, strike the shiny. Duh, anime (I think?). Still don’t like what they’re wearing, though.

    • brandon 4:23 pm on 2008-06-20 Permalink | Reply

      yeah those outfits are fugly.

    • 亜田無 9:59 pm on 2008-06-20 Permalink | Reply

      Agreed on the outfits comments, not good.

    • Nozofan 7:00 pm on 2008-06-21 Permalink | Reply

      The single is good. I really don’t like de outfit too !
      And I don’t like the one that is doing Hiroto >.<

    • Morii 9:15 pm on 2008-08-01 Permalink | Reply

      the song is really good and i dont think there is anything wrong with two of them being hiroto and seiji.. i just have problems with the outfit ^^”

  • TH!P 11:39 pm on 2008-05-10 Permalink | Reply  

    SHIPS – TOKYO FRIEND☆SHIPS (2008-06-25) 

    They’re not Hello! Project, they’re not TNX and I don’t think they’re Tsunku produced. However they are related somewhat to Kusumi Koharu as they co-star in Kirarin Revolution and the single they are releasing is under the pseudonym of the characters they play á  la  Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (Morning Musume)

    SHIPS is composed of Ide Takuya and Kanai Shikou and their first single TOKYO FRIEND*SHIPS will be released under the zetima label on 2008-06-25. The tracklist and additional information will be added to this post as it is available.

    I’m not sure I’ll follow this group but reporting on their debut is fine, right?

    • Usa-chan 2:44 am on 2008-05-11 Permalink | Reply

      I’d appreciate it if you’d follow them for at least a little bit, because they are related to H!P through Kusumi, and I’m a little bit interested in them.

    • nozofan 5:16 pm on 2008-05-11 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah me too XD

    • Me 10:38 pm on 2008-05-11 Permalink | Reply

      Man… koharu’s in another!!! gah.

    • Ali 5:18 pm on 2008-05-12 Permalink | Reply

      Koharu isn’t in SHIPS.

      And if she was, it wouldn’t be bad. She’s gotten better, and honestly, if it was anyone else you’d be ecstatic. No need to get an attitude JUST because it’s something to do with Kusumi. Most people don’t listen to her or bother with her, but if they did, they’d probably like her. Hating her seems to be a fad (though I know some people hate her and actually have decent reasons for it, and fair enough).

    • 亜田無 6:34 pm on 2008-05-12 Permalink | Reply

      On the topic of hating Kusumi, I like her for the popularity she is brining back to Hello! Project (however marginal) but I think if others were promoted to the same level there would be a chance for true talent to blossom, one cannot deny that Kusumi Koharu is not a technically good singer. Her voice is interesting and it fits the anime but what will she do when the anime ends and shes too old to milk the “cute” thing?

    • Ali 3:46 pm on 2008-05-13 Permalink | Reply

      That’s true. I’m really glad Niigaki and Tanaka have an anime (not that I watch them, but the music should be good, just like Buono!’s), and I think more members should get the pronotion. Takashi’s had a lot of promotion, tho, but members like Aika need more spotlight, too (even if she has Althena). I’d like to see Junjun and Linlin promoted too, because I shall honestly say I know very little of them. I can’t even recognise them unless there’s a caption.

      But if you hear Kusumi, she has improved, and I think she’s going to get better. She’ll probably turn out like Kago and become either elegant or more mature (I don’t know Matsuura, but didn’t she wind up becoming more mature instead of cute when she was older?). Who knows, I guess. Hello! Project and the things surrounding it seem to be surprising the fans lately (Kago’s got a movie, Ayaka leaving, Tanaka becoming a voice actress – you get me).

    • Yo 10:23 pm on 2008-05-14 Permalink | Reply

      OMG yeah! I’d really like to see other members of Musume promoting things! I really wish GAM would come back, Or perhaps maybe a new W [except different name of course]. Maybe JunJun and LinLin as the new W? [LOL]

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