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  • Jay 8:16 pm on 2011-01-22 Permalink | Reply  

    Fan Club Events Galore! 

    And now for your regularly scheduled break in the new generation of Hello!Project news, I come to thee bearing news of some FC events for M-line!

    First, it has been announced that First Generation Morning Musume member Abe Natsumi will be having a Fan Club Tour of Hokkaido which is currently untitled.  I think that it’s going to be a great event for all of Nacchi’s fans to be able go and see her live in action.  She has a very welcoming aura to her so I’m sure that many of her fans who have enjoyed these trips in the past will enjoy this one as well!  The tour is scheduled for 3 days and 2 nights from March 20 to 23.  Maybe some of the international fans will be able to attend this event as well. :)

    Second, it was announced awhile ago that former Seventh Generation Morning Musume member Kusumi Koharu would also be having a fanclub event as well.  It remained untitled for quite some time but it seems that Koharu has been able to decide on a name for the event and is dubbing is Koharu sai! Translated into english, this means “Koharu fest” and it seems like a rather interesting title to name her first solo fanclub event since leaving Morning Musume.  It leaves me wondering if she’ll be singing mainly from her solo material from the Kirarin Revolution anime?  It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard Koharu sing so I wonder if she’s been receiving any vocal training since she left Morning Musume a year ago.

    Regardless, both events are going to be chock-full of fun and excitement and I hope that anyone who gets the opportunity to attend these events has a blast!

    • Adam 8:18 pm on 2011-01-22 Permalink | Reply

      I really doubt Koharu has had any more vocal training, even if she has, can it really help that much~?

      • jaydesummers 1:07 am on 2011-01-23 Permalink | Reply

        I personally think that if she sang in a softer tone (like she did for most of furusato at her grad concert) she’d be a much better singer. Otherwise, her singing tone is very nasally and squeaky to say the least.

    • Alita 11:25 am on 2011-01-23 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t think Koharu will be doing much singing. The event is to celebrate the release of her essay-book (which I wonder just how much she wrote) so it will most likely be discussion based with a couple of songs thrown in. The 1st Gen event was the same, mostly talk with the two first Musume songs and each woman’s audition song from Asayan.

  • Jay 12:07 pm on 2010-12-14 Permalink | Reply  

    Morning Musume OG Concert Tour Announced 

    Big news for all the fans of the Morning Musume OG.   It’s been announced that the members of the OG/M-Line will be having a concert tour throughout Japan.  The name of concert will be “Dream Morning Musume。Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai 〜Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei〜”.  All members of the OG are hopefully going to be performing with the exceptions of Konno Asami due to her broadcasting job. There will be a total of  8 concerts in the tour.  The final show of this event is expected on May 29 2011.

    This is huge news.  In fact, this is the first OG Concert Tour since the Elder Club Graduated from H!P.  I can’t wait to hear more about this upcoming concert.

    • Alita 8:15 am on 2010-12-16 Permalink | Reply

      Tsuji Nozomi is listed to perform in the tour. Konno isn’t because she is most likely leaving UFA as per the indication of several Memorial Fanclub goods.

    • Adam 7:16 pm on 2010-12-16 Permalink | Reply

      Yup, it seems Tsuji will be able to perform, she’s gonna have to recover from her pregnancy quick though! I love Tsuji, so yay.

      As for Konno, I assume she has training to do for her newscaster position on NHK.

  • TH!P 11:51 pm on 2009-12-06 Permalink | Reply  

    Kusumi Koharu Graduates from Morning Musume & Hello! Project 

    7th Generation Morning Musume member, Kusumi Koharu, graduated from the group and Hello! Project tonight at the final night of Morning Musume’s Concert Tour 2009 Aki ~Nine Smile~.

    Her graduation was announced only a few months ago and she’s probably one of the last members anyone would have expected to graduate at this time. As a relatively popular member of the group with a somewhat sucessful solo career under her belt she’ll be missed in Hello! Project.

    Many fans are hoping for 9th Generation Auditions next year, I myself would prefer an older girl to be added from Hello! Pro Egg personally!

    • Lillian 9:12 am on 2009-12-07 Permalink | Reply

      Ah~ God is smiling now <3 Now we just wait a few years, her looks will be gone and she'll be left with what? No singing skills, no looks, no acting skills… yay~ <3 Also, the Thank-Jesus-Koharu-is-gone party is going great~ <3
      (when I hate somebody I hate them =3)

      • rasune7 6:41 pm on 2009-12-07 Permalink | Reply

        you’re ridiculous btw
        clearly you’re just jealous and bitter about all the attention she got despite not meeting up to your criteria. There is no point in hating an idol. you must have some deep self esteems issues. like those poeple who like seeing someone who is happy suffer just because they commited the crime of being happier than you.
        but hey i’m not here to lecture you….. or maybe i am, anyways yeah work on those issues please.

        • Michiru 3:12 am on 2009-12-11 Permalink

          It’s someone’s opinion. Don’t get so upset.

          I also did not like Koharu as a singer, however, as an idol personality and such, she was really hyper and unable to ignore. But I can see why some wouldn’t like her as that either – her voice is either a love or hate thing.

    • Ida 3:17 pm on 2009-12-07 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with you :) I vote for Kitahara Sayaka.

      • rasune7 6:45 pm on 2009-12-07 Permalink | Reply

        really? i’d vote for Kikkawa Yuu she has a really nice voice. like in Tan Tan Taan!. is she still in H!P?

        • arialockheart 12:11 am on 2009-12-08 Permalink

          Kikkawa is still in H!P and I”m gunning for her too. Loved her voice in Milky Way…definitely stood out for me the most out of all the Eggs.

    • uno 10:14 pm on 2009-12-07 Permalink | Reply

      bye Koharu, great memories and songs will be remembered!
      Reina, my favorite momusu .. hi! take care always =)

    • quatrepolar 9:21 am on 2009-12-08 Permalink | Reply

      I’m one of the cheery people who is quite glad Koharu is gone, personally. :>

      I’ll third the Kikkawa Yuu suggestion though, she has a lovely voice and would make a great addition, though I’m not completely opposed to someone new either.

    • jeffycue 10:16 am on 2009-12-15 Permalink | Reply

      sigh… i hated Koharu after her 1st album. When her voive got annoying… but when Nanchatte Renai came out, i started liking her again. then the news broke that she’ll be graduating? oh well… just when her voice got less annoying and no Kirarin. hehehe.

      I’ll miss her. I think this 9-nin was the best line-up after 15-nin started jumping off the ship one by one. =D

      (im very biased with Reina. before her i love most members equally but when she came, she was on top of my list hahaha.)

    • K-Fan 12:13 pm on 2010-02-20 Permalink | Reply

      Kusumi Koharu is a great person with an amazing message to tell the world! Be genki no matter what the world throws at you! Always smile!

      I am going to support that with all I have, I hope all of you do too!

    • lucy 2:23 am on 2010-06-29 Permalink | Reply

      why does she have to graduate she was better with them and she sings good too.

  • TH!P 11:51 pm on 2009-09-19 Permalink | Reply  

    Kusumi Koharu to graduate from Hello! Project / Morning Musume 


    It was announced today at Morning Musume’s first concert of the Nine Smile tour that 7th generation member and former soloist Kusumi Koharu will be graduating from both Morning Musume and Hello! Project at the end of the current tour.

    I’m rather surprised by this news as Kusumi is a pretty important member in Morning Musume and although her talent is somewhat questionable she’s a fan favourite.

    I’ve never really been a fan but I’ll be sad to see her go, if only for Morning Musume’s sake. Kusumi will graduate on 2009-12-06.

    • Alice 12:30 am on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      I’m devestated. Koharu, I don’t want to lose you… I just wanted to meet her before this…

    • Ida 2:31 am on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      T_T Kohapinku… she was totally the best girl of MoMusu

    • NyNy 2:32 am on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      YES! YES! She is graduating.

      Although, I have to say that my absence in listening to Morning Musume and enjoying their songs for 3 years, she grew on me but I still didn’t like it.

      I hope Umeda Erika and Kusumi Koharu become a successful models.

    • HamHam 3:21 am on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      where is she going to go after she graduates?

      • NyNy 9:34 pm on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

        She’s going to start modelling like Umeda Erika of C-ute.

    • michi 5:21 am on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      But she was FINALLY stopping her usage of her Kirari-voice! >,<
      *devastated, as well*
      I really wanted her to prove herself [more], to those that doubt her skills. She was just beginning to do so…

      Ah, the first graduation, for this round-up of MM. =O
      (It's so weird, not going by order of generation/age, though!)

      *random thought:*
      Perhaps she's either realized her lack of support for her skills, or lack of fans [since the anime ended].
      Hopefully, it's nothing serious and that she isn't facing anything major (such as a scandal, or even worse). =3

    • willx24601 5:42 am on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      maybe she wants to go to AKB48… lol they do a lot of side jobs that don’t interfere with AKB48… modeling and such?

    • mi chan 6:59 am on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      OMG!!!! she is one of my faveorits!!!! im realy sad i was craying!!!!!!!! dont go koharu kusumi!!!!

    • Lillian 11:23 am on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      God has finally answered my prayers! YES! The day of I’m totally having party with friends to celebrate Momusu becoming great again (though nowhere near as good as it was with Nono, Aibon, and Abe around)

    • Ida 4:19 pm on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      Well it can’t have been a scandal or she wouldn’t get a graduation ceremony.
      She’s too good for MoMusu anyhow xD

    • NyNy 9:36 pm on 2009-09-20 Permalink | Reply

    • rasune7 4:28 pm on 2009-10-03 Permalink | Reply

      HO This is terrible! i don’t want to see her only through modeling! there is no hope in the world if Kusumi Koharu is leaving…..

      but, this would be fine if she does actually start taking some kind of lessons and then gets back out there again!!! i really really hope she does something again.

      it’s so not gonna be the same with her gone! SHE is deffinetly taking a big piece of H!P with her….

  • TH!P 6:56 pm on 2009-05-12 Permalink | Reply  

    Kusumi Becomes an Oha-Star Regular 


    It was announced on  Oha-Star this morning that Kusumi Koharu will now be a regular on the show for Tuesdays. This isn’t particularly exciting as such as she was on the show a lot as Tsukishima Kirari. It’s nice to see that even though her anime is over Kusumi is still being kept as a part of Oha-Suta and this certainly can’t hurt her promotion or Morning Musume’s.

    Note the lovely screencap of Koharu.

  • TH!P 7:13 pm on 2008-12-02 Permalink | Reply  

    Upcoming Releases (2009~) 

    Lots of interesting new releases have been announced today, all of which will be released in January / February 2009! I’ll list them in order of release and you’ll also find them on the release-schedule page.


    • Matsuura AyaOmoi Afurete (6th Album)

    Who could have forseen this one? Most likely Matsuura’s final release with Hello! Project. Looking forward to this though I found Double Rainbow (her last album) a little boring.


    • C-ute4akogare MY STAR (4th Album) (Limited with DVD)

    Woah! More releases? This could be interesting, especially that the girls are getting a little older now.


    • Kusumi KoharuHappy Happy Sunday (6th Single) (Limited with DVD)

    I’ll try not to judge too soon.


    • Morning MusumeNaichau Kamo (38th Single) (Limited A+B with DVD)

    The title means “I might cry,” sounds pretty promosing to me and I hope it’s similiar in sound to some of their more recently popular singles; Onna ni Sachi Are and Resonant Blue to name two.

    • Max 8:22 pm on 2008-12-02 Permalink | Reply

      Wow! xD I’m really excited for all of it.

      Momusu’s looking to have an original album sometime soon, I hope D:

    • 亜田無 2:14 am on 2008-12-03 Permalink | Reply

      Apparently one is possibly in the works.

    • Squeaky 6:34 pm on 2008-12-03 Permalink | Reply

      I heard that Tsunku talked about it on his blog…he had mentioned the C-ute album, a new single for Momusu and a new album for them as well. I’m also quite excited for the Aya release since that completely surprised me.

      I also read that for now Buono’s next single was Koi no Love Potion and their album was (for now) to be called Al Buono or something…found out anything about that yet?

    • Max 11:06 pm on 2008-12-03 Permalink | Reply

      @Squeaky: The Album is supposed to be called AL Buono!, but Koi no Love Potion was a rumour that turned out to be false. It’s apparently another group’s song. D:

    • jun 7:52 pm on 2008-12-04 Permalink | Reply

      wow so much of 2009 hmmm mm 38th single looking forward to that koharu 6 single looking to that to and cute album hmmmm too much thanks for the inf o

    • Squeaky 8:09 pm on 2008-12-04 Permalink | Reply

      @Max: Thanks for clearing up the album and the single issue. What a pity about the title, it sounded like it would’ve been very catchy.

  • TH!P 3:57 pm on 2008-11-14 Permalink | Reply  

    New Artist Images for Abe Natsumi & Kusumi Koharu 

    The Hello! Project official website has uploded new artist images for Abe Natsumi and her new single Screen as well as Kusumi Koharu for her new album Kirari to Fuyu. Abe looks stunning and for once I think Kusumi actually looks pretty cute!

    • Kerry 3:44 pm on 2008-11-15 Permalink | Reply

      Nacchi looks amazing in her picture…. but to be honest I don’t understand why she’s getting a new pic condering she’ll be graduating soon. Well, maybe she’s planned for one last single. :) That’ll be nice

    • 亜田無 8:55 pm on 2008-11-15 Permalink | Reply

      Her new single: Screen.

    • jun 8:48 pm on 2008-11-19 Permalink | Reply

      nacchi single is great hmmmm koharu is pretty song screen is great i thnk it going tobe great jun here

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