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  • TH!P 11:46 pm on 2009-08-06 Permalink | Reply  

    New Artist Profile Picture for SI*NA 


    The Hello! Project Official Website has finally uploaded a new profile picture for SI*NA to reflect the departure of Nakayama Nana, the group is a 3-person unit from here on.

    I wish UFA would give them a debut, even an indies debut would do! They’ve been around from 2005 and haven’t had a single release!

    • kenny yi 1:47 pm on 2009-08-07 Permalink | Reply

      A new picture?


      Seriously though, they need to get a single or something.

  • TH!P 1:33 am on 2008-09-07 Permalink | Reply  

    Today’s Events (2008-09-07) 


    14:00: Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2008 Aki ~Berikore!~ @ Hachiouji Shimin Kaikan
    14:30: HAPPY! STYLE Communication Circuit 003 @ omotesandou FAB
    17:30: Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2008 Aki ~Berikore!~ @ Hachiouji Shimin Kaikan
    18:30: HAPPY! STYLE Communication Circuit 003 @ omotesandou FAB

  • TH!P 12:33 am on 2008-04-14 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: SI☆NA   

    SI☆NA: Hello! Pro Kansai make their debut. 

    It has been announced that Kansai based trainee group Hello! Pro Kansai has moved from trainee status to full membership and will debut as SI☆NA.

    SI☆NA (pronounced shiina) consists of Suma Ai, Iwashima Manami, Nakayama Nana & Abe Asami. Interestingly the whole of the group is also a member of the recently announced HAPPY! STYLE.

    I’d been hoping Hello! Pro Kansai would gain full membership at some point this year. I’m not sure if they’ll remain Kansai based though I’d like to see them get a release. They’re not a bad group of singers and have more individual looks than the standard Hello! Project fair.

    It’s unknown at this time if and when SI☆NA will make their musical debut.

    • The Great Cornholio 11:14 am on 2008-04-14 Permalink | Reply

      Isn’t Nacchi’s sister named Abe Asami? That doesn’t look like the same girl though.

    • 亜田無 5:10 pm on 2008-04-14 Permalink | Reply

      Yup, Nacchi’s sister is named Abe Asami though they are not the same person, just a coincidence.

    • Me 7:33 am on 2008-04-16 Permalink | Reply

      Nakayama Nana, is it? Looks quite similar to Momoko!!Can you see it?

    • Me 7:33 am on 2008-04-16 Permalink | Reply

      She looks like a conjoined Momoko and Kei.

    • 亜田無 2:55 pm on 2008-04-16 Permalink | Reply


  • TH!P 6:26 pm on 2008-03-30 Permalink | Reply  

    New Unit:Happy! Style 

    A new unit featuring members of Hello! Project has been announced with the name Happy! Style. The group features Hello! Pro Egg leader Noto Arisa, Hello! Pro Kansai members Nakayama Nana, Iwashima Manami, Abe Asami and Suma Ai as well as two newcomers; Aoi and Yui.

    The group is with Up-Front Style and will sing well known anime themes and idol songs. The unit has so far not been announced as a part of Hello! Project or TNX, I imagine it will simply remain an Up-Front Style group.

    Stay tuned for more information!

    Also check out the pretty basic Happy! Style website which has information on their first live which will be on 2008-05-06.

    • Tricia 1:39 pm on 2008-03-31 Permalink | Reply

      im excited i can’t wait to hear there music. im sure it will be great. thats good that they’re using the hello pro eggs more. i can’t believe kusumi koharu isn’t in this group. jk.

    • 亜田無 6:06 pm on 2008-03-31 Permalink | Reply

      I’m not sure if this group will necessarily have single releases.

    • Me 9:14 pm on 2008-03-31 Permalink | Reply

      Gah, another unit of eggs? I can’t keep track of all these new units. o_O. I guess I should try and listen to this more, since I haven’t listened to the Canary Club or any new ones like that. I’ll try with this one.

    • Tricia 10:33 pm on 2008-04-01 Permalink | Reply

      oh ok. ya i read something about them just performing anime songs a other songs.

    • 亜田無 4:25 pm on 2008-04-02 Permalink | Reply

      Canaria Club doesn’t have any members that are also members of Hello! Pro Egg.

    • Will 9:30 pm on 2008-04-02 Permalink | Reply

      Please exchange link with me ! :)

    • jun 7:22 pm on 2008-04-04 Permalink | Reply

      hmmm wow a new units already hmmm looking forward to more infomation friend

    • Kenny Yi 1:13 am on 2008-04-05 Permalink | Reply

      Tsunku is working it xD

    • Me 4:49 am on 2008-04-06 Permalink | Reply

      I reckon he’s going to fast with these new units. I mean some haven’t even made their debut, and already he’s making another one.

    • templerel 8:43 pm on 2009-11-14 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for a very instructive article

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