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  • TH!P 10:48 am on 2008-03-10 Permalink | Reply  

    Status of Downloads Section 

    As many of you have noticed the downloads section has vanished from the site, this is for one very simple reason: WordPress is closing down blogs that offer links to downloads.

    I’m sure many of you are unhappy with this and I have to say I enjoyed giving users the chance to download a wealth of Japanese music which they would otherwise have little opportunity of hearing.

    I’m sorry to close the downloads section but I would like to keep the blog alive, even if it means without downloads.

    • REtiRO 12:21 pm on 2008-03-10 Permalink | Reply

      Ahh.. That is why lots of blog is like gone.
      But I dont mind… As long as this blog is alive.
      Downloads… I can get over it… I guess…

    • Aiman 12:49 pm on 2008-03-10 Permalink | Reply

      I know a way to get them back.

    • Nikitty104 5:39 pm on 2008-03-10 Permalink | Reply

      ahh that sucks.. but it’s good that you’re keepiong the blog alive.

      thanks for your hard word and effort that went into the download section while it lasted. i (and i’m sure ALOT of other people) really enjoyed it.

    • gemma 5:47 pm on 2008-03-10 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah! It’s good to be safe than sorry :)
      This blog is good without the downloads :)

    • 亜田無 10:25 pm on 2008-03-10 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for your support! Aiman, what exactly are you referring to?

    • Kenny Yi 10:32 pm on 2008-03-10 Permalink | Reply

      Surprisingly, this is the only blog that I rely on for information. Anyways, I’ve still got torrents ^_^ Thanks for the downloads, and I’ll keep enjoying the blogs!

    • meproject 10:34 pm on 2008-03-10 Permalink | Reply

      Aww thats is really bad. I was wondering if we were unable to find a song would we be able to ask you to send it to us??

    • 亜田無 11:25 pm on 2008-03-10 Permalink | Reply

      @ Kenny Yi: Thanks! I’m glad you make use of the information provided here.

      @ meproject: I wouldn’t mind doing this but around 3000~ people downloaded files each day and there is no way I could possible send 3000 people files by email, it’s just not practical. Who knows, one day downloads may return in a different form. As Kenny Yi states there are torrents.

    • tenchan 4:26 am on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      ehh.. gusun~ gusun~ T_T that is such a shame.
      But anyway.. your blog is still alive so all is good!
      Thanks a lot for the downloads~!

    • Yosuke 4:49 am on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      That’s okay. Keeping up with the updates is all we need to know.
      By the way, is there another place we can download?

    • Rosie 4:49 am on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      Aww, I heard about that. Would you be able to link to another site that has all the downloads (say, by chance, you made a weebly account or something easy to handle like that)? Or something like that? You wouldn’t have the download links on the wordpress blog, but it’d be on the site that you’re linking to…am I making sense? ^^;

      But I’m glad that you made the decision to remove the downloads instead of letting the blog be shut down though- I enjoy coming by and reading new info about H!P and AKB48 here!

    • teodz1984 7:14 am on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      I’m a bit new to JPOP and a total alien to KANJI…

      Its just sad not being able to sample the songs so that I can make a decision wheteher to buy the CDs from the

      Cie le Vie….
      (Sigh, It was good while it lasted…)

      Anyway, more power to your blog.

    • isilwentari 7:48 am on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      I just wanted to thank you also. I loved getting to know new artists that way and now I have an extensive list of what I want to purchase when I go to Japan. Thanks so much for all your hard work!
      I’ll still keep reading! ~_^

    • Sanni 11:09 am on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      Anyway, thank you very much for everything!

    • 亜田無 11:35 am on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for all your support guys!

      @Rosie: I can’t link to sites that offer downloads either.

    • ThoughtBroker 1:01 pm on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      Could you link to a website, that links to ANOTHER website that offers the downloads.

    • brandon 6:42 pm on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      haha that’s funny. link to a site that links to a site that offers downloads.

      but if it means keeping this site around i’m glad you took the downloads down because i really enjoy this site. i pretty much rely on this and some boys blog and since that’s gone now i’m glad i have this one to tether to.

    • Aiman 7:33 pm on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      Well, when the downloads sections are still open. I bookmarked the link only to morning musume downloads. Then, when i opened it ‘that’ day, i noticed some changes to your blog. So i thought you are updating the downloads too, but it turns out you are closing the downloads section. But still, now i can still download some morning musume songs cause i bookmarked that link.

    • keana 8:44 pm on 2008-03-11 Permalink | Reply

      i was wondering is it possible to send us the link of ur media fire upload ?

    • Manstereo 7:13 am on 2008-03-12 Permalink | Reply

      wait, did you just deleted ‘that’ link?

    • Rosie 7:26 am on 2008-03-12 Permalink | Reply

      @亜田無: Aw, that sucks. WordPress must have been getting complaints from companies if they’ve started cracking down that hard. Well, no matter 8D the site’s still really good without downloads (it’s like one of the first places I go to check up on H!P news hehe).

    • mwd 8:38 am on 2008-03-12 Permalink | Reply

      hmm…if you wanted to start giving music again, you can start a profile on http://www.multiply.com and post all your links there.

    • glowingstone 10:33 pm on 2008-03-12 Permalink | Reply

      it’s ok, just know that this blog was really help us. thank you so much for those links. keep the spirit, bos.

    • nozomi 12:07 am on 2008-03-13 Permalink | Reply

      aww. that makes me sad… but better safe than sorry. thanks^^

    • Miu Tomoe 3:30 am on 2008-03-14 Permalink | Reply

      Atleast post a page that has downloads! this site was the only way for me to GET H!P music

    • jun 1:02 am on 2008-03-15 Permalink | Reply

      i cant believe that is it down now i hope you can get it back ok friend jun here

    • Kusumi 5:45 am on 2008-03-16 Permalink | Reply

      ((((I found the SomeBoys! Blog again))))))

    • Kusumi 11:24 pm on 2008-03-16 Permalink | Reply

      ((But I will still be coming here, <3))

    • Louis 2:17 am on 2008-03-17 Permalink | Reply

      Well… the only place that I’ve found downloadable H!P music is finally down. I’ve been wondering when this will happen. BTW I’ve never found any working BT files with H!P music on it if you guys have a site or something could you introduce me to it??

    • Aiman 3:39 pm on 2008-03-26 Permalink | Reply

    • Laura 2:54 pm on 2008-03-29 Permalink | Reply

      No point me coming or bookmarking this site any more then.

    • laura 12:56 pm on 2008-03-30 Permalink | Reply

      i was sooo sorry to hear about the downloads.as u kno it is hard 2 get cd’s outside of japan and the one time i tried 2 get a mini moni cd on ebay the guy never sent it 2 me! it was a good discision tho because at least we have info about all the artists!!
      love the site!!!

    • MiVilla 8:57 am on 2008-07-21 Permalink | Reply

      Ah well i’ll at least we still get the blogs that tells us what’s going on and that’s also important

    • jack 4:06 am on 2008-08-05 Permalink | Reply

      Do anyone know that meawdaw does not supply any download support?? Can i know there other download site?

  • TH!P 12:16 am on 2007-09-07 Permalink | Reply  

    Computer Problems & Moving 

    Just to let everybody know that Totally Hello! Project may not be updated for a little while, around just under a week at maximum I estimate for the following reasons;

    • My old Toshiba laptop has finally broken down
    • I’ve bought a new laptop but it’s not really agreeing with the wireless connection in my house
    • I’m moving into university accommodation on Saturday and will need to get my Internet sorted out as well as I’ll have a few other things to attend to.

    Thanks for your patience!

    • Michael 4:32 am on 2007-09-07 Permalink | Reply

      Good luck with everything! :D

  • TH!P 4:34 pm on 2007-08-29 Permalink | Reply  

    Forum Now Open 

    Visitors to the site can now chat on the newly opened forum, please visit it below. You will need to register an account to post. On the forum you will find discussion on Hello! Project, TNX, AKB48 and other things as well as more download and such like. The callender will also display a message when something is about to be released from Hello! Project, TNX or AKB48.

    Visit the Forum

    • rasune7 11:02 pm on 2007-08-29 Permalink | Reply

      cool! i’ll join ^^

    • HanakoSayuri 11:39 pm on 2007-08-29 Permalink | Reply

      I joined, the forum looks very cool!

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  • TH!P 6:43 pm on 2007-06-08 Permalink | Reply  

    Release Schedule Page Redo 

    I’ve completely reorganized the Release Schedule page so that each individual artist has their own page, this is a much easier way for information to be presented, but it means I have to keep on my toes or updating takes a long time if releases mount up.  I’ve now added release data for AKB48 and it’s subgroups.

    Right now, in Hello! Project, Berryz Koubou have the busiest release schedule with five impending releases, Morning Musume follow with 4.

    As for TNX, the only group with new releases is THE Possible, with three.

    AKB48 has a new single coming up and a campaign song featuring some members, though I haven’t listed the campaign song as I don’t know enough information regarding it as of yet.

  • TH!P 9:46 pm on 2007-05-27 Permalink | Reply  

    For some reason, it seems that http://www.totallyhelloproject.co.uk is not forwarding to this site and I realise that many of you use that address to get to the site, I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I’ve contacted the company who manages my domain names. This problem I hope will be sorted soon.

    News from H!P and TNX will continue as normal from https://totallyhelloproject.wordpress.com !
    It seems that the company is having overall problems and are working to iridicate the problems as soon as possible.

  • TH!P 10:32 pm on 2007-05-19 Permalink | Reply  

    Downloads Updated 

    I’ve reuploaded all of the download links which were dead (which was most of them, sorry!) and I’ve also added Ayaka singing Monkey Magic on Uta Doki! by request. I’m now using Mediafire as opposed to Sendspace, Mediafire is a lot better.

    I’ve also changed the site design, I got a bit tired of the old one.

  • TH!P 11:50 pm on 2007-04-05 Permalink | Reply  

    New Section – Downloads + 1st Download [GET – Heike Michiyo] 

    I’ve finally created a downloads section which currently contains a mere single download, GET by Hekie Michiyo. Hello! Project’s first idol deserves the first download slot. This singles is from all the way back in 1997, only the single is included as I don’t have the c/w I’m afraid. I love this song and think Heike is a great artist.

    A note about my downloads section, don’t expect many newer singles as these are easy to buy if you really want to, and also very easy to find on lots of other sites. What you can expect are older singles, and one of my favourite Hello! Project groups, Coconuts Musume most definately will be getting a mention…like them or not, they’ll be there.

    Oh, i’m not sure if you can actually see the downloads page at the moment, an issue with WordPress I believe, I can access it but not actually see it myself. The direct link is

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