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  • TH!P 2:20 pm on 2011-02-01 Permalink | Reply  

    Poll: Who’s your favourite Morning Musume leader? 

    Goo Ranking recently conducted a poll asking voters, who has been your favourite Morning Musume leader throughout the years? The results were as follows;

    1. Nakazawa Yuko (63,688 Votes)
    2. Yaguchi Mari (4,332 V0tes)
    3. Iida Kaori (3,944 Votes)
    4. Yoshizawa Hitomi (3,198 Votes)
    5. Takahashi Ai (1,582 Votes)
    6. Fujimoto Miki (1,096 Votes)

    The gap between Nakazawa and the others is enormous! So, who’s your favourite?

    • Alita 1:15 am on 2011-02-07 Permalink | Reply

      Wait… people actually voted (and are voting) for Miki!? She wasn’t leader. She got herself (prolly on purpose, 3 nights staying with a guy and you really think you won’t get caught) caught 2 weeks after Yossi graduated.

      • vampirehunterd 5:49 pm on 2011-04-06 Permalink | Reply

        I agree. Miki and Mari shouldn’t even be on this poll. I love them both to death, but good leaders? No way.

        • Anataboshi 1:02 am on 2012-01-06 Permalink

          It’s “Favourite Leader” not “Best Leader”. They were both leader, even for a short time, and it asks who you like the most.

  • TH!P 12:31 am on 2009-08-12 Permalink | Reply  

    Which Morning Musume member should get a solo career? (Poll) 

    • Michi 6:16 am on 2009-08-12 Permalink | Reply

      I’d prefer Lin-Lin, since her vocals were awesome, in “FOR YOU”, in the Wedding Album. Her personality is very out-going and she is very noticeable (to me, at least).
      Personally, I think she’d get the best results. However, she isn’t that much a Fave, in H!P, so… ja. Even though she has been “pushed” into the spotlight, I don’t think it’s done that much.
      Most likely, Ai and Reina would become Soloists, long before Lin-Lin. Even though I think of them, as such, because of their average amount of lines. XD

    • Tricia 6:13 pm on 2009-08-12 Permalink | Reply

      Linlin is my fave member in H!P, but i don’t want her to become a soloist yet. I much rather see her in MM for a long time and see her shine! I voted for Reina, i think she would make a really good soloist.

    • イサメキ 3:24 am on 2009-08-13 Permalink | Reply

      REINA! her singing on heya to Y shatsu to watashi BLEW ME AWAY.

      And I want a whole album of that. and more.

    • rasune7 11:52 am on 2009-08-14 Permalink | Reply

      i think reina would be good. i think she would have the most to offer, even tho i think takahashi ai has a better voice reina has more “image” to offer and she still sounds nice.

    • Kishiko 2:57 pm on 2009-08-15 Permalink | Reply

      The answer is Gaki, but Reina would be interesting as a soloist well.

      • rasune7 8:47 pm on 2009-08-15 Permalink | Reply

        the answer is Gaki? is Gaki gonna be a soloist?!! O_o

  • TH!P 12:04 am on 2009-08-07 Permalink | Reply  

    Are you a fan of Mano Erina? (Poll) 

    Mano Erina (June 2006)

    • T!MM!! 12:26 am on 2009-08-07 Permalink | Reply

      definitely a fan!

    • Aru 12:34 am on 2009-08-07 Permalink | Reply

      I’m a fan of her, not so much a fan of her music ^^”

    • anonymous 2:21 am on 2009-08-07 Permalink | Reply

      i like her but they should really market her like how they did with ayaya. she may not have the voice, but since she’s tech the only soloist with so-so sales, they need to think of something else fast… H!P is losing my interest music wise (go akb48!) but i’m still interested with their projects of course.

    • Usa-chan 3:37 pm on 2009-08-07 Permalink | Reply

      I couldn’t chose- I both think she’s a talentless bore, and I’d prefer a different soloist!

    • Michi 4:23 pm on 2009-08-07 Permalink | Reply

      I’m a fan of her and her Music, but it’d be nice to hear her with a different style; hopefully, a Album would appease that.
      But she really needs a variation in her Music, since her vocals are starting to remain the same skill. She’s improving, yes, but not as quick as she should be–not as a Soloist. But she does have a unique voice, so I’m starting to doubt the type of skill she can make out of it… >,>

      And I’d also like H!P to have another [few] EGGS become Soloist (this is preferred, over current members such as Airi, etc.!). Lots of them have stronger vocals than ManoEri, but I’m guessing nowhere near as many fans (even a fraction of her’s might be twice as much? XD). Plus, it’d be nice to have at least a couple more Soloists, compared to one [that gets original music]. =3

      And, as I’ve said before, her lack of variation in Music is halting her vocal progress. I, personally, think she’s quite talented. However, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t reached the best of her abilities, or even half-way. (I can’t really be sure, because of her unique voice, though… I’m used to voices that are more common. XD)
      Uh… >,>
      Basically, to put it simple: If her Music is given more Variation, I think it will both improve her vocals, as well as get more Fans (or just people less “aggressive” towards her).

      • Michi 3:17 pm on 2009-08-09 Permalink | Reply

        If she were a “talentless bore”, I wonder how she could’ve gotten chosen as an EGG [amd then debut as a Soloist]~ XD

        She ain’t a “Shining Star”, or whatever you’d call them, but she certainly is an entertainer (Idol; Singer, Actress, and Radio Host).
        Though, I guess most people don’t like a different style of voice (since her’s is a unique-one), than the average-ones, or it’s her Style [of Music]. >,>

        *adds comment after 2 days-whatever*

        • kiokuchan 10:52 pm on 2009-08-12 Permalink

          Tsunku never makes the best decision, now does he? Koharu Kusumi over Suma Ai?? “Talentless bore” is definitely the best decription of her I’ve heard yet XD

    • 亜田夢 5:56 pm on 2009-08-07 Permalink | Reply

      Personally, I always wanted Noto Arisa to debut solo~

    • Dahisuke 3:45 am on 2009-08-08 Permalink | Reply

      I love Manoeri, she is very charismatic, funny and tries hard. Although her voice is not the best, I like acting, is always enjoyed and sincere, respectful, courageous and many other things that are missing though other soloists who have a vow Wow if you have no heart to the fans, and other non wotas are nothing.

      Sopport Mano Erina.

    • Kishiko 1:22 pm on 2009-08-09 Permalink | Reply

      3rd option all the way.

    • bill 4:06 pm on 2009-08-09 Permalink | Reply

      Lol she’s so bad and boring.
      But I think she’s a wota’s dream girl. A legal girl who looks 10 years old.

    • rasune7 8:25 pm on 2009-08-09 Permalink | Reply

      whatever, you guys are just being haters. thats right i used the word “haters”. She pretty much has the same amount of talent as any other girl in H!P. and since when has it been a bad or new thing for H!P to employ a pretty girl who can’t sing (they’ve been doing it for years now) just because she is a soloist now doesn’t mean you should start pointing out how talentless she is. how about why does risako get so many solo lines in Berryz? because she just does, thats whats been decided. why is mano erina a soloist? because she just is, they are trying to do something new with her. and frankly i don’t think her voice sounds bad.

      • bill 7:14 am on 2009-08-10 Permalink | Reply

        So its okay for her to be bad at singing since someone else is ?
        Also when you become an entertainer you open yourself to criticism.

        • rasune7 11:48 pm on 2009-08-10 Permalink

          yeah in H!P standards i guess so. and obviously if someone is criticizing soneone i like i would voice my opinion on the matter. it’s my opinion, just like how it was in my opinion that Kanna wasn’t as great so i don’t miss her at all.

    • royalpalmtree 10:36 am on 2009-08-10 Permalink | Reply

      Talentless bore, definitely. I honestly don’t see her appeal personality or looks-wise, and she’s definitely among the least-talented members in H!P, and she doesn’t seem to be improving at all. She’s actually replaced Koharu as my least favorite H!P member. And for me, that’s really saying something. XD

      As for being a “hater,” if, in my personal opinion, Mano’s a below-average singer, a just-barely-average dancer, has a personality that doesn’t appeal to me even a little, releases music that puts me to sleep (and I’m female so I couldn’t care less about her looks), what do I have to like about her? Nothing. Yes, there are plenty of members who can’t sing well, or dance well, or who are boring or even a bit irritating to me, but they make up for their shortcomings in other ways, so I don’t dislike them (maybe they can’t sing but have an interesting/funny/likable personality, for example, or their personality is boring or unappealing but they have a great voice, etc…). Mano *doesn’t* make up for her shortcomings, so she remains generally unlikable to me. I have legitimate reasons for not liking her (which are my personal opinions and views that I don’t expect everyone to share). I don’t think that makes me a hater.

    • 亜田夢 7:12 pm on 2009-08-10 Permalink | Reply

      I think the term “hater” is stupid and for someone to genuinely hate an idol they need to have some serious free time.

      As some long-time readers may or may not know I’ve always had an issue with Kusumi Koharu, namely her role as a key member of Momusu, but I think you need to give an idol her dues when she does well (Kusumi = Balalaika).

      Mano’s 4th single is actually pretty cute and her voice sounds more gentle, less yelpy.

      • rasune7 12:07 am on 2009-08-11 Permalink | Reply

        lol i had no idea which other word to use, thats why i put it in quotes. anyways i agree and i think idols should be givin a chance, they eventually do something good anyways. besieds overly critical ppl are annoying. tho i don’t think there would be much dues to pay to kanna so i still won’t miss her, mainly because she didn’t do anything.

    • 亜田夢 5:33 pm on 2009-08-13 Permalink | Reply

      ^ Same, Kanna did nothing for me because she was given nothing to do :P

  • TH!P 12:34 am on 2009-06-07 Permalink | Reply  

    Favourite New Artist of 2009 So Far? (Poll) 

    Well we’ve had quite a few debuts this year already and we can expect more to come soon, vote below for which new act you’ve liked best so far and in the case of the reinvented Minimoni expect to like! Discuss you’re reasons in the comments section too if you like! The C-ute option is just for fun~!

    • T!MM!! 1:09 am on 2009-06-07 Permalink | Reply

      I love to vote for New-Mini Moni but since their stuff isn’t heard yet, just go for s/mileage

    • initialAC 2:43 pm on 2009-06-07 Permalink | Reply

      Erina just has this style of some vintage (80’s, early 90’s) j pop idol. I tried my best to ignore her music but once I gave it a try I was already on yesasia.com buying her singles. I still need Lucky Aura.

    • Hoshi 3:52 am on 2009-06-12 Permalink | Reply

      H!P is doing so many exciting things right now! I can’t get the S/milage song out of my head, it’s great. I’m very excited about Kago’s new material, and Guardians 4 looks cool, as well, and Erina’s piano playing is really pretty. I can’t wait to see what Francis & Aiko do, they’re adorable. But I’m most excited about the new Mini Moni ^-^

  • TH!P 4:29 pm on 2008-10-17 Permalink | Reply  

    Poll: Favourite Current Hello! Project Act? (Scroll Down for News!) 

    Once again the poll will be the first news item for one week with all news coming below it. Get voting!

    • Nozofan 5:50 pm on 2008-10-17 Permalink | Reply

      I would have love to answer W or Tsuji Nozomi but they’re not active anymore.
      So, I vote for Morning Musume <3

    • Gemma 7:27 pm on 2008-10-17 Permalink | Reply

      My vote goes to Berryz Koubou. I love them XD

    • Tricia 11:03 pm on 2008-10-17 Permalink | Reply

      Gosh there was so much to choose from! lol so i just went with morning musume <3

    • BiffBiffBiff 12:25 am on 2008-10-18 Permalink | Reply

      hey, whatever happened to the Jun Jun special from the last poll???

    • Mierna 1:31 am on 2008-10-18 Permalink | Reply

      With all those choices, it was very difficult to choose! But it was Morning Musume for me~~ ^_^


    • steven 5:19 pm on 2008-10-18 Permalink | Reply

      it is difficult to choose…
      but i choose morning musume because of kamei..

    • Mierna 1:02 am on 2008-10-19 Permalink | Reply

      Lols, maybe the poll should be multiple choice~


    • jun 1:32 am on 2008-10-19 Permalink | Reply

      hmmmm that was a hard one hmmm i chose c-ute hmm so hard berryz new song is great

    • Tailo 9:42 am on 2008-10-19 Permalink | Reply

      This poll will be obsolete soon with the big news today.

    • Missy 11:33 am on 2008-10-19 Permalink | Reply

      How ironic is this poll with the recent news??? I voted MM.

    • Kenny Yi 12:19 am on 2008-10-20 Permalink | Reply

      It is pretty ironic with that [horrible/good] news.

      I picked C-ute because:
      -I’ve loved all of their [Major] singles and their albums rock.
      -They have Airi, Chisato–Bundles of talent.
      -Maimi is a great leader and a great singer.
      -Mai is the youngest H!P kid member but her voice is one of the strongest.
      -Erika and Saki are just adorable.
      -Kanna is just a fun person to watch and has great presence.


    • mozenator 6:14 am on 2008-10-23 Permalink | Reply

      Makoto Ogawa has 65 votes??? Really? And Buono only 44?? Um, we’re polling ACTS here, not popularity!

    • KahdooddemiaLes 6:56 pm on 2009-01-01 Permalink | Reply

      hello it is test. WinRAR provides the full RAR and ZIP file support, can decompress CAB, GZIP, ACE and other archive formats.

  • TH!P 2:55 pm on 2008-09-26 Permalink | Reply  

    Poll Results: Favourite Current Morning Musume Member? 

    Well these results are quite interesting and rather different from other recent poll results, I wonder why? Does my blog attract Junjun / Linlin lovers? Kusumi also ranked pretty low, almost shockingly so as she is generally quite a popular member. So here are the results;

    1st Place: Junjun (113 Votes, 20%)
    2nd Place: Takahashi Ai (84 Votes, 15%)
    3rd Place: Niigaki Rsa (72 Votes, 13%)
    4th Place: Linlin (68 Votes, 12%)
    4th Place: Tanaka Reina (68 Votes, 12%)
    5th Place: Kamei Eri (66 Votes, 12%)
    6th Place: Michishige Sayumi (46 Votes, 8%)
    7th Place: Kusumi Koharu (25 Votes, 4%)
    8th Place: Mitsu Aika (19 Votes, 3%)

    Total Votes: 561


    • Rad 5:39 pm on 2008-09-26 Permalink | Reply

      No doubt JunJun has come a long way, but … No. 1? I sense some ballot-stuffing here. My vote does to Risa, as always.

    • batuka 9:44 pm on 2008-09-26 Permalink | Reply

      This poll is totaly wrong. I vote Aichan many times :)

    • Gundam 9:58 pm on 2008-09-26 Permalink | Reply

      Problem with such polls is that anyone with a dynamic IP can do multiple votes…

      Anyways Linlin was at the very bottom with like 5 votes… now she ended with 4th haha

    • Toy 5:09 am on 2008-10-01 Permalink | Reply

      Guys the lider is the lider and ai
      Alwais be the best she and reina, no ai, no reina ok ai, ahhaaaa!!!!am not shure who is the best both are a real “”mamacitas””. Ok Ai Takahashi is the best for my opinion. “And that’s it”

  • TH!P 6:28 pm on 2008-09-18 Permalink | Reply  

    Poll: Favourite Current Morning Musume Member? 

    I’m going to start having a poll every week or so, whichever answer ranks highest I’ll do something special in accordance with the answer. So I’ll start with the classic question, get voting!

    • habichan 7:04 pm on 2008-09-18 Permalink | Reply

      :D Cool idea!
      I look forward to seeing results!
      P.s Reina get’s my vote =]

    • Nozofan 9:46 pm on 2008-09-18 Permalink | Reply

      Aika got my vote <3

    • Zahra 6:44 pm on 2008-09-19 Permalink | Reply

      Reina got my vote too. I’m suprised that Junjun is so popular. But I hope Reina passes her.

    • Mierna 1:17 pm on 2008-09-20 Permalink | Reply

      I voted for Koharu, naturally. ^^


    • bleepblip 5:48 am on 2008-09-22 Permalink | Reply

      i voted for JunJun, glad so many others voted for her too! As a new member (2nd yr right?) she already is a powerhouse *___*

    • Anton 2:39 pm on 2008-09-24 Permalink | Reply

      JUNJUN of course!
      Wow, I was suprised to see how many voted for her! =D

    • Toby88 4:26 pm on 2008-09-24 Permalink | Reply

      Junjun of course, i am not trying to brag about anything. koharu and aika have always been my least favourite members (just personal perference), the poll obviously reflects what i think. Jun’s votes are even higher than Eri, I am surprised by that too

    • bleepblip 3:25 am on 2008-09-25 Permalink | Reply

      i dunno, i just find JunJun the most original out of all the current members, she reminds me of the power of fujimoto/yuko but can still be silly like eri and stuff.

      …but why is LinLin so high?

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