Upcoming Releases (2009~)

Lots of interesting new releases have been announced today, all of which will be released in January / February 2009! I’ll list them in order of release and you’ll also find them on the release-schedule page.


  • Matsuura AyaOmoi Afurete (6th Album)

Who could have forseen this one? Most likely Matsuura’s final release with Hello! Project. Looking forward to this though I found Double Rainbow (her last album) a little boring.


  • C-ute4akogare MY STAR (4th Album) (Limited with DVD)

Woah! More releases? This could be interesting, especially that the girls are getting a little older now.


  • Kusumi KoharuHappy Happy Sunday (6th Single) (Limited with DVD)

I’ll try not to judge too soon.


  • Morning MusumeNaichau Kamo (38th Single) (Limited A+B with DVD)

The title means “I might cry,” sounds pretty promosing to me and I hope it’s similiar in sound to some of their more recently popular singles; Onna ni Sachi Are and Resonant Blue to name two.